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  1. Repair Guide: Broken Console lid ( Hinge repaired)
  2. Repair Guide: Key cylinder install made easier...pics
  3. Mod Guide: Add Factory XM and Aux Jack (pic and reading heavy)
  4. Repair Guide: Removing ignition lock cylinder without the key
  5. Repair Guide: How to change your strut assembly video
  6. How to take off your Top Dash and fix the V popping
  7. Repair Guide: ABS wire harness repair guide
  8. Mod Guide: Build your own Cold air intake (guide)
  9. Mod Guide: 7th gen '06-'07 - adding or fixing stereo controlls
  10. Guide: 7th gen '06-'07 - How To Remove Steering Wheel
  11. Mod Guide: Throttle Body Half Shafting
  12. Guide: How to: Remove 00-05 Dash
  13. Repair Guide: TECH GUIDE: Monte Carlo SS Sunroof track problem... what to do?
  14. Guide: How To Bleed Brakes Using Vaccum Pump VIDEO
  15. Repair Guide: changing fuel pump-video
  16. Repair Guide: 3900 idler pully replacement
  17. Repair Guide: 3900 alternator replacement
  18. Repair Guide: 06-07 fresh air/recirculation door actuator replacement
  19. Repair Guide: 06/07 - Cold Air Inductions CAI box electrical problems
  20. Info: ScanGaugeII - Additional xGauge Settings
  21. Guide: Make your own ScanGauge II Cable
  22. Mod Guide: Build a ScanGauge II ODB-II PassThru Cable
  23. Repair Guide: headlight issue resolution
  24. Mod Guide: L26 UIM/L67 Throttle Body Swap Guide (Pic Heavy)
  25. Restore Guide: Reviving an engine cover!
  26. Repair Guide: 2000-2005 front sway bar WITH PICTURES
  27. Repair Guide: 2003 Monte 3.4L: P0404 and P0420
  28. Repair Guide: 3800 belt tensioner replacement/coolant elbow replacement
  29. Guide: fuel pump or fuel level sensor replacement
  30. Mod Guide: 3100-to-3400 Upgrade Engine Swap
  31. From the Staff: Tech Guide Rules
  32. Info: Not sure what wheels fit what vehicle? Heres a cross reference chart!
  33. Info: FWD Monte Maintenance at 100,000 miles
  34. Mod Guide: 3400 mods for cheap power
  35. Mod Guide: interior power supply and switches (parralel circuit)
  36. Mod Guide: affordable FWI
  37. Mod Guide: HOW TO PAINT 2006-2007 BOWTIES [With Photos]
  38. Mod Guide: How to Install SS GFX High Sport Trim OEM Ground Effects
  39. Guide: How to remove your center console
  40. Repair Guide: How to change light bulbs in mirror
  41. Mod Guide: Tail Light Mod
  42. Repair Guide: Video Tutorial ~ Lower Intake Manifolds R&R
  43. Repair Guide: Defroster not working? Check this... 2006-2007
  44. Mod Guide: Safely tint (or remove tint from) your tail lights
  45. Mod Guide: 99 Monte Carlo 3100-to-3400 swap
  46. Guide: How to Remove/Change out your front seats
  47. Mod Guide: How to install a Power Log / PLOG (front exhaust manifold)
  48. Guide: Change the gear shift knob (easy)
  49. Repair Guide: reprogramming ECU, BCU (BCM) for gm vehicles.
  50. Repair Guide: 3800 Starter Replacemnet How To (With pics)
  51. Repair Guide: how to change windshield washer fluid pump
  52. Guide: how to put on a new shifter handle
  53. Repair Guide: How to change your brakes and rotor.
  54. Mod Guide: Cheap 2.5" Exhaust upgrade for 3400/3500/3800 Cars
  55. Repair Guide: How to replace the heater core on 6th gen Monte
  56. Repair Guide: How To Change a Wheel Hub Assembly
  57. Info: How to Change A Wheel
  58. Repair Guide: Rear Defroster Fix (Circuit Breaker)
  59. Repair Guide: lower control arm changed
  60. Repair Guide: EGR Code P1404
  61. Repair Guide: How To - Intermediate Steering Shaft Greasing
  62. Info: 7th Gen (2006,2007) Light Bulb List
  63. Info: GM oil consumption fix for LS4 - '06-'07
  64. Mod Guide: 3800 - Swap 4T65 to 4T80
  65. Mod Guide: Short Ram Intake Video Install.
  66. Repair Guide: List of Common Monte Carlo Problems and Solutions
  67. Mod Guide: How To: Install LED Interior Lights (with pictures)
  68. Guide: How To: 3800 V6 oil change - with pictures
  69. Guide: 5th,6th,7th gen console shifter knob replacement
  70. Repair Guide: 5th, 6th, 7th Gen Rear Strut Replacement
  71. Mod Guide: painting the interior panels
  72. Repair Guide: Replacing Heater Hose Fittings
  73. Info: 6th Gen Wiring Diagrams and Connector Layouts
  74. Repair Guide: How-To: Water Pump Replacement
  75. Guide: How-To replace head rests.
  76. Mod Guide: How-To Install a Rear Strut Tower Brace
  77. Mod Guide: Dash Board Refresher
  78. Repair Guide: Air Conditioner Ticking Fix 2006-2007
  79. Info: GM's 3800 V6 Tech Topic "Buick"
  80. Repair Guide: Permanent Cabin Air Filter Water Problem Fix
  81. Info: cool pdf on the 6th gen
  82. Mod Guide: How To: Run Wires to Install Amp
  83. Guide: How to Drain the Radiator
  84. Repair Guide: How To Install Fix Inside Door Handle Chevy Monte Carlo 2000-07
  85. Repair Guide: Replacing H/AC bulbs "for dummies"
  86. Guide: How to remove your dash (video)
  87. Mod Guide: Changing you DASH (Speedo Light color) for under $10 !! Some pics
  88. Repair Guide: No Heat From Heated Seat: FIX!! ( thanks Jimbo7 )
  89. Mod Guide: How To: Sleeper Intake Modfication/ Stock Intake Modification - 5th gen
  90. Repair Guide: Multi-Function switch replacement
  91. Repair Guide: How to change OnStar mirror lights
  92. Mod Guide: How To: Custom Shift Boot
  93. Info: How to rock your engine forward
  94. Mod Guide: Removing SS Emblem Inserts
  95. Mod Guide: disable DRL's with pictures!!
  96. Guide: How to polish the black trunk panel.
  97. Repair Guide: DIY: A/C Evaporator drain plug un-clog (no tools required!)
  98. Guide: Removing Rear Deck (Video)
  99. Mod Guide: how to install roof rails
  100. Mod Guide: Sure Cure For Fluttering Seatbelts
  101. Mod Guide: My Wizaired CAI Installation (by member "nascar43")
  102. Guide: Seafoam +
  103. Mod Guide: 2000 Monte Carlo Amp Bypass
  104. Repair Guide: DIY: Dual temp/heater control bulb replacement.
  105. Repair Guide: Drive Axle Replacement
  106. Info: Many Exhaust Questions Answered 3800 Engine
  107. Mod Guide: How to Suede Your Headliner
  108. Guide: How to Change ATF/ Filter
  109. Repair Guide: 3.9L T-stat change (3.5l similar)
  110. Guide: How to change cabin air filter in 7th Gen...
  111. Mod Guide: How to install HID Headlights for 2000-2005 Monte Carlo
  112. FAQ: Where is the Power Steering Reservoir on my 3.8L Engine?
  113. Mod Guide: How To: Bypass Passlock Security
  114. Repair Guide: 6th Gen Cabin Air Filter Replacement
  115. Info: GM OBD II Trouble Code List
  116. Mod Guide: How to: 5th gen a/m headunit, speakers and amp
  117. Repair Guide: How to adjust headlight beam
  118. Guide: Rear 6x9 Speakers REPLACEMENT 00-05 Sixth Generation
  119. Repair Guide: How To: Change Dome Light in 6th Gen
  120. Repair Guide: How to change rearview mirror lights - 6th Gen
  121. Repair Guide: Timing Belt Info on the 3.4 LQ
  122. Mod Guide: Install Racing Seats
  123. Mod Guide: How To: L67 Swap
  124. Guide: How to: 5th gen door panel removal
  125. Mod Guide: Big 3 upgrade
  126. Mod Guide: How-to: 5th gen FWI
  127. Mod Guide: Repainting Wheels
  128. Mod Guide: ls4 engine mount, throttle body spacer.
  129. Repair Guide: Finally!!! Gauge Cluster Problem Fix!! - Stepper Motor
  130. Mod Guide: DRL Disableing of 06-07
  131. Repair Guide: Battery Replacement
  132. Mod Guide: Hid projector headlights install
  133. Mod Guide: General mod plan for 3800s
  134. Mod Guide: Painting your plastic engine cover
  135. Mod Guide: Hid fog light install 2006-2007
  136. Repair Guide: Loss of A/C Air Under Acceleration (fix) - 5th gen
  137. Guide: To remove the dash, HVAC controls, steering wheel buttons (6th gen)
  138. Guide: Security Re-Learn Procedure
  139. Repair Guide: Ignition Cylinder Replace (Passlock fix)
  140. Repair Guide: Fixing your 5th gen consol lid
  141. Repair Guide: Changing Brakes and Rotors
  142. Mod Guide: Making a CAI box
  143. Mod Guide: How to: Motor mount rotation.
  144. Guide: Complete Install of rear 6x9's
  145. Mod Guide: Give Aux input to your Factory Radio (Special Radio Needed)
  146. Mod Guide: Hi & Low beam lighting at the same time
  147. Mod Guide: changing your dash lights to L.E.D.'S HOW TO ARTICLE
  148. Guide: Maintaining 6th Gen Coil Packs
  149. Repair Guide: Vehicle Speed Sensor Replacement
  150. Repair Guide: Front & Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement
  151. Guide: Instrument Panel Upper Trim Plate Replacement
  152. Repair Guide: 6 Gen Headlight Bulbs Replacement How-to
  153. Repair Guide: Composite Headlight Repair!
  154. Guide: Replace Gear Shift Knob
  155. Repair Guide: Change the HeadLight Bulbs
  156. Guide: Oil change (6th gen)
  157. Guide: How to reset low tire pressure monitor
  158. Repair Guide: Pcv diy