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How to take off your Top Dash and fix the V popping

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Default How to take off your Top Dash and fix the V popping

I've never seen a write up on how to take the top dash off. Saw one you tube video of a guy pointing to things but no disassembly so thanks internet guy it provided some help (don't recall the video url).

There are plenty of post on how to take the front dash off. Obviously you need the front dash off.

STEP 1 -Remove Driver front dash

STEP 2 - Remove Fuse covers Driver and Passenger side (they pop off, pull them)

STEPs 3-8 - Covered here. PLease not the TOP dash has a front all black part (prys off, all clips - MUST take off antenna before removal, maybe be a bit sticky from foam insulation, that will come off). The other part may be a bit sticky from foam insulation too, but it is held in by 4 top bolts, 4 screws from the dash, then it should lift off, sans Foam sticking to it.

STEP 3 Explained - The Passenger dash consists of a top and bottom part part. The bottom part if I recall correctly is held in by clips and no screws, so just pull it off

The top is held in by 4 screw. Locations are shown in each pic below

STEP 4- Next you need to take the front Driver and passenger side pillar's cover's off.

These are held in by 2 push in clips that clip into the frame and 2 push in tabs that are thin pieces of plastic that fit between 2 pieces of metal that are a bracket.

start by pulling out the plastic strip on the top. Then do the same thing for the opposite end between the dash and door. The lower part has no metal brackets to worry about. Then you need to pop it off the Pillar. I did this by pulling it off while twisting it a bit in a C motion


Metal brackets there are 2 of them

Bottom end

See the plastic tabs once the piece is off

Here are the Pillar holes that the piece clips into

STEP 5- Now remove the front part of the top dash panel. Use a plastic prying tool. Everything is held in by clips. ****NOTE there is some antenna thing on the driver side, you need to disconnect it, it pulls off, I added a twist and it came off easy****

***Also note if you need a new Receiver for the FOB keys it can be accessed by only popping off the top par of the dash on the driver side. Extremely easy to get to and plugs in/out easy to.

*** notice the bolt, there are a total of 4 of these.

STEP 6- Remove all FOUR (4) bolts with a 1/4 wrench and small socket (believe it was 10mm). You can start off with a 1" extension but that will have to get put away after a bit. This is a bit tight and you won't be able to get much per twist and you might have to angle a bit if you have just a straight ratchet, expect to lose some skin and it will take a bit. Some WD-40 helps to loosen them after you initially get them off.

ADD WD40 at this point on the Bolt's stem to make life easier

Another view of the dash note the partially re-installed bolts

Better view of the short antenna

STEP 7- Now remove 5 screws holding in the front of the Dash. ***NOte one screw is on the driver side by the fuse box*** The other 4 are int he dash you face when driving, 2 driver side and 2 passenger side. SOrry don't have pics of them all but you'll figure it out. If the front of the dash doesn't lift up you are missing some. Likewise if the back doesn't move then you missed a back bolt (I missed the center 2 originally)

STEP 8 - Pull up, it should be loose. Pull forward it should move forward. Might be some foam sticking to it but just pull the dash it'll come off.

STEP 9 - Now clamp down, using something like cardboard to spread the load. Don't clamp down too hard you'll hurt the plastic.

The infamous V spot that pops up. More clamps are better. I recommend OVERNIGHT clamping. I removed mine after 3 hours and i started popping back up. I used Gorilla epoxy

The bask side is harder but it was peeling up too by the Defroster, this was tougher and took longer to do, slowly bit by bit. Note the drill propping it up and the clamps are in between the plastic and are clamping on the ridges as I glued down the other spots earlier

STEP 10 - Now pop the Dash top in and make sure it lines up and you didn't lose anything like the metal brackets the screws go into. Then proceed to reinstall everything.

Man this took awhile to write up and edit photos, hope you all enjoy it. Comment below if it helps you in the future and/or if i missed anything.
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Awesome write-up! Did this recently on my 05 Impala.
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Originally Posted by WBody View Post
Awesome write-up! Did this recently on my 05 Impala.
Thank You for the great explanation
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What is "v-popping"?
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It's my termonology for the V shaped part of the top dash that fits between the passenger dash and the main driver side dash. It looks like a wide angle V, mine popped out likely due to Texas heat for years weakening the glue.

Also an update; the dash is still holding together fine was worth the work

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