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Mod Guide: HOW TO PAINT 2006-2007 BOWTIES [With Photos]

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Default HOW TO PAINT 2006-2007 BOWTIES [With Photos]

While looking around the forums, I only noticed one thread relating to how to paint the emblems on the 2006-07 Monte Carlos. I took the information from that thread and applied the basics to this write up, and thought it would be a bit nicer to have a step-by-step walkthrough with photos for anyone else interested. Here we go...

Step #1
Use a knife or similar object to separate the emblem from the backing mounted to the car. Be careful to not pry too hard, as you risk breaking the emblem all together. When pulled away, you will be left with something like this.

Step #2
Clean up the backing left on the car to remove any adhesive left from the factory emblem. I used a small amount of Simple Green cleaner and a razor blade to do mine, but whatever works best for you to remove adhesive will work. After you have cleaned it all up it should look something like this.

Step #3
Using a fine-grit sandpaper (I used 320-grit, but the finer, the better) wet sand the backing of the emblem to remove any traces of the foil from the back and wet sand the front to rough up the surface as this will be where you will be painting.

This is what my final result was before painting....

Step #4
Get yourself a can of whatever color paint you plan to use. I decided to go with a plain white. I got Krylon Fusion paint as the emblem is plastic, and it is specially formulated to work with plastic. You can pick it up from your local Walmart for around $4.00. I also purchased a can of clear coat while I was there as I wanted the emblems to be as shiny as possible in the end.

I did around 5 coats of paint and 6 coats of clear coat. If you want more of a shine, use more coats of clear coat. I let each coat dry for around 15-20 minutes in between.

Step #5
After paint has dried, I would recommend overnight if possible, use a nice double-sided tape to re-apply your emblems to the car. Get the thinnest tape you can find while still making sure it will withstand the elements! This was my final result on the grille and trunk.

Hope this helps a few people looking do this cheap and easy mod. Any questions, feel free to ask!
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If you're painting the front of the emblems then there really isn't a reason to remove the foil.

If you're painting the back of the emblem where the foil was then you'll want to go with a dark color as the yellow tint of the plastic will show on light colors. You also will not need clear nor primer as the first coat of paint you put down is what you'll see.

3M makes a double sided foam tape for automotive uses that is as close to factory as you'll probably get. It's what we use in the shop any time we're replacing emblems, door moldings or anything else that's stuck with tape to a vehicle.
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God_Bot, thanks for the input! I am just the kind of person who over-does things to try and make sure they are perfect! Thanks for adding to the thread! I used the 3M double-sided foam tape you are referring to in your post to re-stick my emblems to the car. It has now been a few weeks since painting them, and they still look just like the day I did them. I only put clear-coat on the emblems because I painted from the front and wanted a shine to them. It has become a lot more predominant since when I wax the car, I also do them as well! Thanks again!
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Nice write up. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
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