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Guide: Complete Install of rear 6x9's

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Default Complete Install of rear 6x9's

Install of rear 6x9's on 2006 Monte Carlo LT3
I thought this was a pain, and figured someone else might wanna know how to do this. So here it is.

To start out the installation you will need:
1. 10mm socket
2. Needle nose pliers or another tool to pull out plastic nuts.
3. Flat head screwdriver.
4. Rasor blade or gasket scraper.
5. Black Silicone
6. Torque head driver, cant remember size just get the set out. lol
7. GM speaker adapter wires.

Step 1. pull the back seats down. remove the 4 screws that hold the cross bar on with the 10mm socket.
Pull the brace slightly out and find the 3 black plastic push screws.
Remove those.
Slide the seatbelts out of the rear deck.
Step 2. to ease in the removal of the package tray (rear deck) find your coat hanger holders in the back.
Using the flathead screwdriver remove the small square of plastic holding them in, then they pop out.
Gently pull on the plastic housing that is by the rear window. It is velcroed on there.
Just make it so it is loose, and moveable.
Step 3. Gently slide the package tray up (the end towards the front of the car) and just up about 6-8 inches so its touching the back window.
Now you should be able to see the speakers.
Step 4. Now go into the trunk and in front of the 6x9's you will see plastic clip. squeeze and push up. Then slide the speakers toward the front of the car. There you go your speakers are out.
Step 5. Remove the Torque head screws in both speakers. Using your razor blade, Cut around the very inner edge of speaker.
Look at picture and start to gently pry and remove both sides of the housing. (comes in handy when installing the new ones)
Step 6. Using your gasket scraper clean both sides of the housings where the previous speakers were glued. then apply new black silicone
Step 7. Install the new speakers into the housing. Then clip on your plug in adapters, check to make sure they work before you put them back in the rear deck.
Step 8. Place the speakers into the rear deck, being sure to slide the rear tabs in the holes and then re-clipping the black plastic clip to the deck.
Step 9. Reverse the procedure to get the rear deck back down. Dont forget to slide your seatbelts back in!
Install the plastic carpeting screws and the 4 metal 10mm bolts, and put the seats up.
Crank up the music and Enjoy!

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Default RE: Complete Install of rear 6x9's

good job. i didnt remove the coat hangers , probably why my hands are all scratched up
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Default RE: Complete Install of rear 6x9's

Im glad I got the prem. sound system when I got my car.....

Sounds like to much like work.......
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Default RE: Complete Install of rear 6x9's

ya, I wouldnt mind hearing one to hear the difference. I knew I was going to be installing aftermarket components anyway, so i wasnt that concerned. But im sure its sweet!
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Default RE: Complete Install of rear 6x9's

It would be great to move this post or re-post in the DIY section.
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Default RE: Complete Install of rear 6x9's

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Default RE: Complete Install of rear 6x9's

Could some one Pm me the part number for the Gm wireHarness to Change it to 2 wires? IM not 100% on this But on the alero i know it had that moosoon system and eash 6x9 had 4 wires. I would like to know where i can get that adapter thank you.
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Default RE: Complete Install of rear 6x9's

Dude, did you change the head unit or did you keep the stock one in it?? I have an 06 LT and would love to keep the head unit but replace the speakers.. Did it make a difference in the loudness of the sound?? My 03 had the Premium Sound and I really miss it.. This one has the 6-disc mp3 changer in the head unit but no external amp (beside the one in the head unit).
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Default RE: Complete Install of rear 6x9's

Are you sure your car doesn't have the external amp?

I ask cause if your car got the 6 disk indash Cd player it should have the external amp.

Incase you're not sure, it's located on the underside of the rear package shelf. Between the two 6x9 speakers.

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i have the 7th gen with the single disc cd player where can i get the 6 cd changer for my 7th gen single head unit and i have already have amp and two subs for it but like to get anouther head unit what is a good one

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