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Guide: How to Change ATF/ Filter

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Default How to Change ATF/ Filter

Heres what to do:

-Buy a new filter and 8 quarts of Dexron VI ATF (I personally use Valvoline Dexron VI)
-Get the front of the car up on jacks so you can get under it.
-Put lots of newpaper down to keep tranny fluid from getting all over the ground.
-Get a 10mm socket and loosen all the bolts on the pan
-Then loosen one side of the pan more than the rest, to force most of the fluid to start spilling out of one side. (make sure you have a large oil pan to catch all the fluid)
-Once most of the fluid has drained out the one side, proceed to taking all the bolts off, and make sure you are holding the pan up with one hand, because there will still be fluid in it.
-Once you have all the bolts off, take the pan down, and dump the rest of the fluid into the oil pan.
-remove the old filter (it takes some tugging to get it out) and then replace with the new filter (make sure the new one is pushed all the way in, it takes a bit of force)
-clean the tranny pan (brakes parts cleaner works well) and makes sure to clean the magnet too. (there will be a dark greyish sludge on the pan and magnet, thats what you want to clean off)
-Once everything is clean, and the new filter is secure and in place, bolt the pan back up (with the gasket obvisouly) and make sure not to over tighten the bolts snug them all before you start to tighten them. When you tighten, use a torque wrench and tighten to 124 inch-lbs.
- Once the pan is secured and all fastened up, now its time to add fluid.
-Pull out the dipstick, use a long skinny funnel, and pour in 7 quarts of new ATF.
-Take the car down, and clean up everything.
-let it run for a bit move the gear selector from park to R, to N, To D,3,2,1, and back.
-Then check the level (you check the level once the fluid is warmed up, and while the car is running)
-You will probably need to add about half a quart, maybe a smidge more.
-once you topped off, drive the car, and once you have driven it a while park it on a level surface, and leave it running. Pop the hood and check the fluid again just to make sure its at the proper level. Assuming everything is good, you are all done!

When I drop the pan and fill, my car usually takes ~7 quarts, 20 ounce.

I hope this helps!

By the way, this will apply to any car with the 4T65-E transmission and the same steps will be used for cars with other transmissions as well, but you will need to check on specific bolt sizes, torque specs and fluid capacities for your particular car if it is equipped with a transmission other than the 4T65-E!

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thanks for the write up
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