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Repair Guide: how to change windshield washer fluid pump

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Default how to change windshield washer fluid pump

i don't see anybody post one up and since i have pics i took when i used to have my monte i thought i'll do a quick write up (kinda). the pics is of a grand prix, but all the pump are same as the monte, regal, and impala. since i no longer own a monte i can't tell you the exact size of the socket you just have to find one that fit. (i think it's a 7mm but don't quote on that)

tools need:
car jack (optional)
new washer pump
1 gal of washer fluid

so as you were walking to your monte carlo which is park under the trees for couple hours. you unlock the door and get in and start up the mean chevy machine. just as you about ready to shift out of park when you look up and see two huge pigeon turd on the windshield and was like, wtf? your first instinct is to turn on the wipers and squeeze out the washer fluid to clean up the turd. the wipers are moving back and forth but no fluid fluid come out. now the turd is smearing all over the windshield and you are getting **** off. you open the hood and pop open the fluid washer tank cap and it's half way full so you add more til it's completely over filled and got back in the car and turn on the wipers and no fluid come out. you look confuse cuz it was working fine yesterday. well i'm not going to tell you the happy ending of the story.

since the wipers are working so that tell you nothing is wrong with the wiper motor. you look around and tracing the rubber hose running from the washer tank to the wipers and can't seem to find any kinks or leaks.

most people doesn't know there's a fluid pump down below the washer fluid tank behind the front passenger side fender. the pump do go bad and need to be change. changing out the pump is real simple even a cave man can do it.

first make sure the car is in park (duh) and put in the emergency brake. jack up the car and put jack stand on it. i recommend if you have wider tires like 18" or bigger wheels to take off the wheel bcuz it will make it easy to get to the pump. you can also do this without having jack stand. just turn the wheel to the passenger side as far as it will go. i done mine without a jack or jack stand and my tires are 255/45/18 kinda tight but it works.

after the car is on the stand and tire is off or turn to the passenger side as far as it go you will see screws holding the wheel well plastic flap. i take off about 3-4 screws from the bottom up. don't need to take out all the screws out just enuff to get to pump. once you have the screw out fold back the plastic flap and tuck back behind the strut seat or zip to strut spring so it's out of the way.

when the plastic flap is out of the way you will see a black round thingy with wire harness plug on top and rubber hose coming out the other end. that would be the washer pump.

there are couple ways to change it. some people are a neat freak and they don't like the mess. me i like it messy and quickie (lol), but i'll describe both methods. for the neat freak people. do this out of the garage btw. put a bucket or oil pan under the washer tank. the fluid will squirt out when the pump is pull off the tank. my recommend is to stay away from pepboys universal "tryco" think that's the brand name. those are junk they go out quick. i change out two within a month period. if you have the cash get one from the dealer or good brand name from auto shop. for me i hit the junk yard i know it's a hit and miss to find a good working one in the yard, but i had good luck with it. i usually buy a couple of them. ok back to the neat freak method, unclip the top harness plug. after that's done give it a light yank on the pump. i hope you have your rain coat and rubber boots on cuz the fluid will be gushing out like a mount st. helen. the new pump if you buy it new should come with a rubber gnomet or if it don't the stock one that's already on the tank will be fine. once most of the fluid are almost empty plug the wire harness back into the new pump. pull out the old gnomet from the tank and push the new pump into the gnomet. now plug the rubber hose line in. fill up the washer tank with new fluid or reuse the one that you drain out, that is if you use a clean bucket or pan when you drain it out.

ok for people who wants to do it quick and messy. unclip the wire harness, grab the new pump in one hand, pull out the old pump, put back in the new pump and plug in the hose line and clip in the wire harness and bam you're done.

once everything looks like it goes in the right places fill up and level off the washer fluid tank. turn the ignition to "on" position and turn on the wiper and if you fluid come out that mean you fix the problem. if no fluid come out check to make sure wire is click in, check fuse, lines, and etc. if everything check out and still no fluid more likely the pump is defective.

unfold the wheel well plastic and screw it back into the side fender. take off the jack stand and go park you car under the tree.

i know there's lot of typing, but it's not really that hard trust me. NOW WIPE OFF THAT BIRD TURD ON THE WINDSHIELD SON!!!

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Thanks for the post Ryan.
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As ryan said at the end It is a long post but the process is really easy. Also a quick test to make sure it's the pump is to wire it to a 12v power source. If they spray it's not the pump but it could be the multi-function switch.
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