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Mod Guide: Install Racing Seats

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Default Install Racing Seats

Hey Guys, Heres a How To for installing racing seats. I did how I put them in back and front.

lemme start off by stating what I used;

3/4" Sheet of wood
Large Cardboard box
socket set (metric sizes needed)
A series of bolts (used for random things... your choice of kind and size)
Spray paint and primer
Steel plate (at least 1/4 inch thick for safety)

Step one ; Get the seats! You cant really continue the design until you know the dimensions of the seats your fitting. I picked up 4 Reactive seats with 4 – 4 point racing harnesses for 300 bucks from a guy a few hours away. Pull all the seats out of your car your going to be changing. If your going to be removing the driver side or any one that has electric seats, you can remove the electronic control by unbolting the seat, removing the back pressure **** (the star thing that spins) off the outside, then unscrewing the part on the inside. With some snaps to undo on the control, the whole electronic switch should pop right off. Remove the outside plastic after the star **** and you should see how to remove the snaps to have it come right out. (picture below is the inside part of the back pressure. unscrew the 2 phillip head screws after you pop off the outside ****.)

*Note, if your not doing the back, skip to step #8 to see how I mounted the front

I did a simple design, I used a piece of 3/4 inch wood to act as a mounting bracket to hold the seats to the car, then used a anti-sway bar to hold it to the car.

Step two; Go to Home Depot or Menards and get a piece of wood large enough to cover the back seat and has VERY strong durability. I put mine at an angle and jumped on it to make sure it was strong enough. (be sure it is… or you've bought it. Lol ) make sure you don’t use something like particle board… it doesn’t hold together well for hardly anything!

Step 3; I then used cardboard to make a template for the back bench. I cut a area for the back seat belts and and traced the final result onto the ¾ inch sheet of wood.

Step 4 ; cut it out, then measure where you need to be putting the bolts through the wood to the seats. Measure twice… cut once! Heres what mine looked like so far:

Step 5; Sand and paint the product. I used primer to make sure the paint came and looked even, plus didn’t let the wood soak up the paint unevenly. I used just regular paint in bright red to match the car better.

Step 6; tilt the bracket up in the back seat after it dries and mount each seat on it. Now remember, you have a lot of things to be juggling in the back seat, so it helps to use someone to hold the seat while you try to tighten it down to the wood mounting bracket.

Step 7; then use the sway bar to tighten the wood bracket to the body of the car. I used a block of wood to raise the bar even, mounted it to the bracket with multiple ½ inch bolts going through the block of wood, and then attached the other end of the bar through the trunk and to the body using a 1 ¼” x 5/8ths hex bolt. (I plan on mounting more for safety in a few days if I can)
The back seats are now “mounted”… I used the stock seat belts for extra safety of keeping people from moving in case of an accident.
heres my final product. you can see what I am talking about running between the seats:

Step 8; I used ¼ inch steel plate and had a friend cut it to a size that can fit on the original seat bracket. I then took a metal bit and drilled 4 holes for the racing seat, and 4 where the stock seat holes are.

Step 9; use your original seat bolts and fasten down the plate to the bracket. This makes sure the bracket wont move off the seat slider! Then, line up the seat with the holes drilled and put it on. If using a racing harness, you can attach them either to the slider bolts or the seat bolts. I used the slider because they are further out on the plate and were easier to tighten down better. The slide bolts are screwing down into the slider, the seat bolts you need to get under the seat and tighten up. I used 8mm allen screws for my reactive seats.

Step 10; sit in them and figure out if they are tight enough! If so… drive on!

(P.S.) If a mod feels like editing this further.. feel free. Ill be posting more pics when my car gets back to me on friday!

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How did you remove the thin vertical part on either side of the back seat?

And why didn't you hide the wires running from under your center console since you had the back seats out?
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thats sweet man ive always wanted to do that
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Originally Posted by 04MonteLS View Post
How did you remove the thin vertical part on either side of the back seat?

And why didn't you hide the wires running from under your center console since you had the back seats out?

The sides I had left, since thats where the seat belts are located. I was going to take them off, but the more I left those seats attached to the car the better. As for the wires, this pictures only when it was half way done. I put them in wire loom and attached them to the floor so it looks more clean. Ill post pics in a day or two with it fully done with every completed!
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Originally Posted by vita View Post
The sides I had left
damn! I just knew I had hit the gold mine with this one. This really sucks, it's holding up my audio installation
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Thanks for the how to.

Of course it all comes down to a matter of personal taste. But I think I would've carpetted the board holding the back seats to match the interior carpet.

Nice choice of seats!
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Instead of starting a new thread, anyone know the weight of the seats in the 6th gen Montes? I was curious of my front ones and also the whole backseat itself, and how much weight I can shed with removing it.
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