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1999 Ford Taurus SE vs. Some 1990's Beamer

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Default 1999 Ford Taurus SE vs. Some 1990's Beamer

I know, it's not my Monte Carlo, but this story is impressive. The 1999 Taurus was my first vehicle.

It was winter about 3 years ago on Southfield Fwy and I was doin approximately speed limit, maybe a little faster when this older model beamer comes rushin up from behind. I start to hard accelerate to match and meet up with him. We both gave the "look" and now began a traffic-weave race.

The kid in the beamer was about my age but I can guarantee that he did not have anywere close to as much Fwy driving experience as I had. My daily commute was 30 miles. I knew how to get through traffic, and I've got the ***** to do just about anything to save a few minutes/seconds on my commute.

So, we are weaving, changing lanes keeping an eye on eachother when I get the drop on him and pass a truck in the middle lane from the right and he can't follow through the gap, so he's now stuck behind and beside a truck. I take off and get a huge lead and think that I've won and the race is over. A few minutes later I can see him in my rearview trying to make up distance and that's when disaster struck.

Once I returned my eyes to looking out the winshield, I realized all three lanes of traffic were stopped in front of me and I had just crested a hill @ 65mph. The left lane had one car trying to merge to center lane due to construction about a 1/4 mile ahead, the center was bumper to bumper and I was in the left lane.

People always say time slows down in a crisis; well it does. First thought I had naturally was to hit the brakes. I pumped them and instantly knew I would not stop in time. Second thought: Sacrafice myself to the median wall and protect the stopped cars in front of me? I looked to my left and thought "**** no!" Then I had a third thought: Shoot the gap between the two lanes? It was my only choice. All of this thought and calculation took less than 2, 3 seconds with less than 100 ft in front of me.

I aimed my car for the gap, closed my eyes and winced my body and said to myself, "Oh ****, here we go!" and when I thought I was going to have a severe impact, All I heard was a loud "THUNK".

I successfully shot the gap between 2 stopped lanes of traffic @ 55mph and sustained almost 0% damage. I was so close to either side, that on my passenger side door, the tire tread from the car in the center lane took the salt off the door and left a tread pattern. On the driver side, the same tire tread pattern in the salt residue happened, and the loud "THUNK" I heard was me and the other car swapping side mirrors. That was the only damage I had sustained.

I continued in the left lane and stopped as soon as I could so that I could talk to the driver I swapped mirrors with and as I stopped, the beamer drove past and the kid gave me this look like "I can't believe that just ****in happened!".

Best part of this story, is that the police weren't called to the accident and the accident was never filed, and there was never a claim against my insurance for the damage to the other car, so I also walked away with no tickets, points, fines and only a $35 Mirror from a scrap yard.

A picture to prove this story does exist, but one of my friends took the picture and I need to dig it up on his Facebook, but I will try to get it on here sometime tonight for those who are interested.

I know it was a long story, but I hope you were entertained!
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And this is why you shouldnt race on the highway, back roads, public roads

Take it to a track
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It's one thing to make a pull of the highway but not when there is traffic and you need to swerve in and out that's just retarded to even think of doing.

Glad no one got hurt!!
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Good story. Reminds me of when I was stupid enough to miss judge a pass. lucky me people in front of me were kind enough to slow down. alot more car full now.
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