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03 MC LS vs 97-03 GTP

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Default 03 MC LS vs 97-03 GTP

This wasn't necessarily an intentional race, at least not IMO.

I was on left lane on the highway and a car started tailgating me to within a foot of my rear bumper, I moved over once I had the chance and slowed down to see what was behind me, a GTP coupe murdered out w/ tints. The GTP slowed down to my speed and kept triple honking and after every third honk he'd partially take off hard and slows back down and lines up next to me.

5 minutes into it we had a nice 3 mile long straight away with not a single car in sight. Then one of my favorite songs came on and that put me in the mood to play along with the GTP. This would be the first time I would take my MC over 3000 RPM since the built trans was installed and nearly 8k mile break in period.

I slowed down to about 25mph, he did too, I shoved it in first and on his third honk we took off hard, I got the jump and kept the lead till about 75-80 then he started creeping up and slowly passed one inch at a time. By 110 I was a car length behind, but neither of us let off so as I finally shifted to forth at 120ish(max speed on my speedo) I started gaining on him quick. My speedo needle was at where the number 1 gear shows up on my dash Well passed my max on the dash. I assume I was at 130-140 and by that time I was about 3-4 car lengths ahead, slowly we started to approach traffic and the highway was about to start twisting so I finally let off and as soon as I did that I heard a loud explosion sound from the back.

I look and the GTP was smoking severely from the underside, thick white smoke. I figured he blew his bottom end, he turned his hazards on and eventually pulled off to the shoulder, I continued driving and in my rear view mirror I couldn't see his car any more from the amount of smoke it was releasing just his headlight beam was visible. I felt bad but I also felt very proud my monte went as fast as it did.

This was the first time in 11 years of ownership did I exceed 100 mph in it and It pulled through without any struggles. My car is stock minus a dual exhaust built trans 8k miles old, rebuilt engine 14k miles old. His sounded and looked stock minus a very loud supercharger whine. Not gonna attempt that again any time soon, I can really tell the car needs new shocks/struts by how badly it handled at high speeds.

Ps. Forgive my spelling I'm using an iPad and it's annoying to type with this thing.
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Nice story! You gotta watch the gtp guys as they like to do mods to make them faster and keep a factory cat back to sound stock. My best guess is he was dropped a pulley size or 2 and had an intake. He might of spun a little at 25mph to give you the launch and then his tune was probably junk and up high in the rpm he started knocking and engine went kaboom... just a guess as to what happened. Either way good win I didn't know a 3.4 could perform like that. Do you have the computer flashed I thought they shut down around 110mph from factory...
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Ecu was flashed and tweaked to work with the HD trans gear ratio not sure if that has any additional factors to it as far as increasing top speed.
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