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New and Gratefull

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Default New and Gratefull

Man I'm glad I came across the Monte Carlo forums just took on a 2000 LS 3400 six gen Monte Carlo from an older gentleman that bought the m/c for $1800.00 from a mechanic who inherited it from his late grandmother who left him the car with 107k and from what I can tell very decent shape well The mechanic sold the car to an older successful farm owner who is enjoying his retirement and drinks allot and had the car for a couple weeks when he some how ruptured one of the small lines that transfer the tranny fluid to the rad for cooling... All of or majority of fluid leaked,,, he then proceeded to cut the rubber line couple it back together and drive further until he realized it was leaking from the body of the tranny... not sure how far he drove it without fluid but the transmission is in epic leak mode... The original owner and mechanic wanted 1000 dollars to apparently, "drop the tranny" and replace, "seal that is between torque converter and output shaft"... I was told if I can come up with $500.00 I can have it I live a mile from the mechanics shop in East Mesa, AZ. filled it up with Lucas stop leak and a blue devil treatment and drove it very carefully and easy to my place where I plan on taking on this task of fixing the epic leak and I mean epic it leaked a nice steady trail all the way to my house I had to pull over and top off because the already dwindling power felt less than at about the midway point... also I was hearing a clicking sound that would become greater unless I backed of the gas I got into a rhythm of pumping the accelerator to lessen the click and engage the trans more... i might get some backlash for driving but according to blue devil it will seal any seal and instructions were to add it and drive until leak stops but I cant afford to buy that kind of Lucas or atf So I've been on you tube google every where I am just learning that I have a 4T65-E Trans and cannot really find the YouTube video where the transmission is being
dropped from transmission looks like what I have seen so far is pulling trans side wheel suspension driveshaft and the seal is right behind the driveshaft so I really need a good manual and I know these forums lookout for our fellow enthusiast and after I post this I will start delving into some research so I can get started... a little background I have always done all my own mechanical work on my vehicles never abandoned a job for being to big or too advanced for myself I just did the research and rolled my sleeves up and I think If I do have to drop the tranny I should be fine when I was 16 I helped one of my moms boyfriends r and r a tranny so been a while but up for it... open to any advice I can get the more prepared I am the better so bring it on... the part is 7.99 at local AutoZone so ill wait to see if anything else I might need while having the tranny down....
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Default well looks like i already screwed up

my name is Jay
live in Mesa AZ
just acquired a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo
I'm an idiot...
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Welcome to the forums Jay, sounds like you got your hands full. In your intro you are mentioning 2 different seals the torque convertor seal and the output shaft seal. The torque convertor seal requires complete removal of the transmission and the output shaft requires removal of the axel shaft and a lot easier to do providing the bearing is good. Lots of people here to help you Good luck
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Exclamation Thank you Jeffs

Well you pretty much saved me from stepping into a whole mess of hammered dog **** Jeffs and I want to thank you for handing me that piece of information serious... I was planning to replace the wrong seal!!! if you wouldn't have told me about a Tourqe Converter Seal and an Output Shaft Seal who knows I might had completed it without realizing I was in the wrong area of opporations!!! Ok adjust fire over,,, I will know concentrate on the seal the mechanic told me involved pulling the whole transmission now it makes since,,, I was watcning these videos and they were deffinatly not dropping the tranny for the output seal,,, I wonder if my output is gone too idk but I'm going off the mechanics diagnosis write now and I'm sure when I get it on jack stands clean it up ill see it too... Thanks again Jeffs good looking on that for sure...

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