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Today 03:17 AM

I did a Google search on this and I seen others complain about stop leak being added causing a black clay residue to buildup on radiator cap. I don't have any white smoke coming out of exhaust or...
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Yesterday 10:18 PM

Yes, I pushed down. Iíve just never experienced any issues like this before.
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By: tpetty
Yesterday 05:17 PM

Can anyone tell me with certainty that the stock intake & carb will work on a crate 350? The type of 350 that requires a vortec intake? (Is the stock intake a "vortec" style?) The parts guy at the...
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Yesterday 03:34 PM

As soon as i hook up ground wire all lights flash exterior too checked fuses screwed around with battery fiddled with key it started but all gauges werent registering tac included
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Yesterday 02:52 PM

HVAC blower stopped running for all settings. Replaced resistor, but that didn't solve the issue. Blower motor tested OK when 12 volts were applied. Disconnected wires going to motor and checked...
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Yesterday 02:34 PM

my name is Leo I am 65 yrs old retired love music, Da Bears, True romance, great movie AGT great tv to watch, live in phoenix az and owen 2007 monty! ok I had the same problem and this is how to fix...
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Yesterday 01:42 PM

Any dealer that puts a car on the lot for sale like isnt one you want to deal with. Theres no reason to put a broken car up for sale, especially one that's borderline undriveable like that. Would be...
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Yesterday 01:12 PM

I took it off and placed it and the filler cap extension in my trunk. The valve cover is black now and not silver as the original and I checked the cap and the extension to see if the opening and cap...
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Yesterday 01:11 PM

I have the Hypertech power programmer III and it did great.. Changed the shift points to where i want to set them and remove the top end governor and adjusted the mixture for more power. I choose...
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Yesterday 12:49 PM

Own: 2002 Monte Carlo SS. Dark Blue. Original owner 52000mi. Great car (even for a v6 front wheel drive) All factory except K&N air filter and Hyper-tech Power Programmer III. Even still has the...
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Yesterday 12:09 PM

You could be on to the problem, loose connection. I helped a friend with an 06 Impala (which matches the 06/07 Monte) and a rear defroster issue. We removed the fuse panel after we found wiggling...
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Yesterday 12:02 PM

First, please use periods to end your sentences (easier to read). Second, the owners manual will never give you wiring diagrams, you need the service manual for that (and that never came with the...
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Yesterday 11:48 AM

Put all the PassLock wiring back to factory, use the attached re-learn process (this is straight from the GM shop book). Some important notes, ensure that your NEVER remove the key during the...
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Yesterday 11:39 AM

Just want to chime in on the scan tool topic. There is a wide variety you can look at. Some that are about $25 and basic code reads. Or bluetooth readers from eBay for about $10, pair it with a...
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Yesterday 09:10 AM

New to the forum. Owned my 84 Monte Carlo SS for about 5 years now. Located in Jax, Fl. I️ go to shows often and Iím looking to find a monte meet somewhere in Florida. If you know of any let me know!...
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Yesterday 04:24 AM

I recently replaced my 3.8 liter motor with an 3.8 liter Super charger now this was done really by force not choice reasons being i bougth the engine without an intake so im thinking that i can put...
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