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Just bought a 2002 SS with a list of issues...

Old 07-24-2018, 04:20 PM
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Default Just bought a 2002 SS with a list of issues...

I just bought this car for my son, Iím hoping it just needs some love and care and itís not a total piece of junk. Hereís what weíve learned driving it home. Check engine light is on, and the panel says... traction control system service, low engine oil, low brake fluid. Also when you turn the car off the engine shuts down and you can remove the key but all the electronics remain on.

We stopped by autozone to get a read on the codes...
P0306 Cylinder 6 misfire detected
P0128 Engine Coolant Temp (ECT) below thermostat regulating temperature
P0481 Cooling fan relay 2 control circuit malfunction

Ok so I guess my question is...Where do we start? Whatís the priority and needs to be addressed quickly? Also how do we turn it off without killing the battery? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!

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First off welcome to the forum. There is plenty of knowledge on this site. Please always remember it is difficult diagnosing a vehicle via online

Starting with the misfire. This could be a bad plug or plug wire. Coils don't usually go partially bad.

I had the ECT code one time and it was because I had a thermostat stuck open slightly. What is the gauge reading while driving? Is it low or midway?

If the cooling fan relay is malfunctioning most likely a bad relay.

Regarding the electronics staying on I assume this continues after you open the driver door? If so could be the ignition switch itself. I hope you can remedy some of these things. I would start with the misfire to at least get better fuel mileage and not cause any long term damage to the motor.

Good luck!
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Yes I totally understand, mostly I just wanted to see if we are going in the right direction. Thanks so much for the info, we decided to start with the thermostat and fan relay switch. The fans on the radiator arenít running at all and the temp does stay low or half way. Our average temps right now are 100-105 so I know that temp gauge should be higher especially if thereís no fans running. Weíre going to get to work on it this weekend, fingers crossed we can start getting it in good again, I always loved the Monte Carlo. Thanks again!

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