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6th Gen ('00-'05): 5 months still cant fix crank no start 03 Monte Ss

Old 06-10-2019, 05:06 AM
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Default 5 months still cant fix crank no start 03 Monte Ss

Looks like I'm lost. I have an 03 Monte Carlo SS. One day in Feb after every cold week we went for a drive. It was 6 degrees outside. 6 miles stop to eat. Drove next door. Car ran and started fine until the last stop. Crank no start. Jump crank no start. Starting fluid tried to run. Towed it home and I have had no luck getting it to run.
Fuel pressure 50 psi. Replaced fuel filter and regulator. Only code was for oil pressure circuit. Replaced oil pressure sensor near. Oil filter. Cleared code. Code came back later. Connections at the fuel pump look clean. Car run fine with continuous starting fluid spray. Had contol module for coils tested. Ok. 75000 miles on the car. Coils seem to be ok. Tested spark at one wire. Looked good. Test 5 injectors for resistance. All seem very close. Have charged 2 year old battery several times. I'm totally lost on this one. Key on rotates battery security battery security I think that's normal. It's not flashing. Have not used a noid light but noticed flashing on one during crank with a powerprobe. At this point cash is very very low. I HATE THIS CAR NOW AND MY WIFE IS...YOU CAN ONLY GUESS. ITS HER CAR. HELP!
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I'd check crank sensor and theft module.
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Default Thanks.

If I have spark and the car runs on starting fluid I would think the crank sensor is ok. As far as a theft module I know of no such animal. Bcm or ecm. Seems I'm not getting fuel to the plugs. Thanks.
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Does not sound like a theft issue (I don't believe it cranks if it was a security issue, plus, you would have the security message on the cluster).

The starting fluid trick is where I am curious. Ignore that you have fuel pressure for a moment. Fuel pressure *should* mean you have a functioning pump, but perhaps you have something else. First, make sure the fuses and relates for the pump are good. Second, if you can use a hose line one for a fuel pressure gauge, hook it up to the fuel rail, get it to dump into a gas can and have something jumper the fuel pump relay to (no key in the ignition) to engage the pump. I had to do this to drain my fuel system for an in door auto-show. You should have a good steady stream of fuel. This would also test that some of the fuel pump circuit is working.

Another item could be the fuel pressure regulator (I am not sure how to test that). Or if something is damaged with the wiring for the fuel injectors (but I would find it odd that it is all injections, unless they all share a common ground or fuse, and they probably do).

Just a couple of thoughts. Your use of starting fluid makes me thing it's not air or spark, it is a problem with fuel delivery.

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