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Help w/ exhaust 95 MC Z34

Old 11-06-2006, 04:26 PM
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Default Help w/ exhaust 95 MC Z34

I wanted to add an exhaust system to my car, so far this is what I plan on doing, I am going to buy the weapon r intake, the magnaflow direct fit cat converter, dual flowmaster delta flow ending with camaro z28 flat tips. I would like to have a nice deep tone at idle and high speed without sounding like a rice rocket. Any suggestions please. I want to do this at the beginning of next year.
Old 11-07-2006, 08:52 AM
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Default RE: Help w/ exhaust 95 MC Z34

Seriously? Drop in a V8. All the exhaust systems I've heard are good in the low to mid range RPM's for tone. High RPM's are just sound bad with a V6. I have a link to a site at home that can help you decide as it has soundclips and videos of different exhaust setups.
Old 11-07-2006, 08:04 PM
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Default RE: Help w/ exhaust 95 MC Z34

Here is that site with the sound and video clips as promised earlier.

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Default RE: Help w/ exhaust 95 MC Z34

for a better intake go to http://www.cardomain.com/ride/473859/1 it is z34phoenix cardomain site and it has a very good guide for building a FWI which is the best kind of intake for the 5th gen monte in my opinion. and that is the best guide in building a fwi for like a total cost of 50 dollars

and as for exhaust i just have (fake) duals with striaght pipes. i love them. its loud yes, but i dont have to meet emmisons or anything like that. it doesnt sound like a ricer at all, got a nice low pitch growl and isnt loud at 55
p.s i expect people to jump in and say how they dislike striaght pipes, but im used to it

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Default RE: Help w/ exhaust 95 MC Z34

ok you asked for it... here is my suggestion. you basicly have my engine. slight diff between 95 and 96 but for the most part they are the same.

our down pipes are 2.5" already. so that part is good.
your right on! with the magnaflow Highflow cat. good call
.....now here is where my system differs from your plan.

i went from the high flow cat directly into a single round magnaflow muffler. magnaflow or borla are my suggestion cause they are straight thru and the best option for performance. the flowmasters although many people use them, they are quite restrictive when it comes to a performance muffler...

I wanted the car to be somewhat quiet inside so after the magnaflow i added a glasspack next to the gas tank.

then it splits behind the spare tire well and then into equal lenght straight pipes. with some stainless tips.

depending on how much sound you want, you can do without the glass pack...

i dont have any current sound clips of this but i love it. sounds deep and rich at idle and it has a roar at high RPM. who ever says a V6 cant sound good has never heard a LQ1 screaming thru 6500 on up to its 7000 red line!

yes put a FWI on that baby too! if you have any question PM me.
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