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2003 Pace Car

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Default 2003 Pace Car

I have a 2003 Pace Car edition considering selling.
What are these cars typically selling for?
64K miles - original owner.

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Well even though it is a nice Monte and all with super low mileage unless a buyer who just has to have it shows up I'm thinking it is worth about $3500 or there abouts.
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Keep it a while longer, its value should start climbing ! $3500, is a price I see them selling for as well, yours looks nicer than most I've seen !
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What do you think it's honestly worth ? It's a great looking car and mileage is low. Another bonus is the fact it's a pace car and not a tribute car as they made a lot less pace cars . Providing you have proof of maintenance price should reflect. Having receipts for transmission service and coolant flushing , struts , brakes , ect. will go a long way . Without receipts you have a 16 year old car .
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Wow, enlarged the picture and it looks pretty weathered. Paint fading heavily at the door and paint is chipped off at door jamb front and back, looks like it was pinched hard and popped off the paint, some heavy scratches on paint, wheels looked scuffed and missing lug nut covers, front lip looks damaged, etc. etc. etc. Was this the best side of the car you are showing us or the worst? Lol, Gerrr, get from it what you can. Bet the engine bay, interior are in need of some love too. Perhaps 2K not the $3500 I originally said.
Not trying to be a negative Ned, but these things should be addressed if you are wanting good money from it. But then again how much do you put into it before your return is really just breaking even for all the repair work you put into it if you are not planning on keeping it. Just cut it loose as is for the most you can get from it.

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Oh, that car's worth more than $2000 -- more like $3100 - $3600. So yes, around $3500 is realistic. Nice ride for the money.
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I'd 2 or 3rd what people were saying about $3500 selling private party.

Recent ones I can think of out here were listing for $4000 - 4500 IIRC, so with negotiation, they're probably clearing somewhere in that mid 3k ballpark. Hard to get a good feel for condition without seeing in person though.

I do wonder though - why sell it? If you're the original owner, you've already taken the huge depreciation hit. Mileage is pretty low and you know the history, so it seems like it would make a ideal daily driver other than a small potential of issues due to age alone.
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Something I spotted and would be a serious issue for a buyer looking for a Pace Car..... Those decals are NOT correct. The factory decals are NOT solid like that. This means either someone bought a cheap decal kit and made it an 03 Pace Car clone OR someone replaced the OEM decals. Below is a pic of what the true Pace Car decals look like (note the fade effect).

As for a value, you cannot determine that based on just one picture and a lot goes into car value. As noted by others, there are some blemishes most likely due to just being out and driven. 64K miles, it has seen some road, nothing wrong with that.

Below is a thread that compiles a lot about helping determine the value (and it's NOT an end all/be all, just helps you get to a close number).

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Good catch Maniac, I missed that, probably because I hadn't had much previous interest in the Pace style!
That being said it probably only going to get about $1200 maybe $1500 with the low miles.
It will be 2028, nine more years to reach antique status. It is probably about bottomed out on value, so he has nothing to lose by keeping it, and if it is an SS, it will start gaining value back.
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Maniac you are not correct about the decals on my car.
I bought this car from the local Chevrolet dealer with 6 miles on the odometer in March 2003.
There was also a Monte Carlo decal on the top of the windshield, my wife was ticketed for it, removed it.
The only parts of this car that are not as it came from the factory are the tires, battery and front brakes.

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