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6th Gen ('00-'05): Fire sale build up 2001 SS

Old 05-27-2016, 03:40 PM
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Default Fire sale build up 2001 SS

Well looks like I'm going to be given a 04 or 05 GTP parts car to modify and put some "S" into my pos-SS. I had a couple questions and I'm hoping some of the experts here will know...

1) iirc I read somewhere that the rear sway bar bolts onto my Monte, and is an upgrade, is that right?

2) I know the trans in the 04/05 GTP is an hd vs the stock trans in my SS, does the 04/05 GTP bolt in and hook up/work 1 for 1 with the 01 SS harness and computer?

3) I know I have to swap on a cable actuated throttle body to use the gen 5, there are a couple wiring extensions needed and the computer needs to be reprogrammed, or do I need to grab the GTP computer and have it programmed to the SS?

4) I'm going to use a L67 throttle body, do I use the stock mass air flow sensor from the L67, or mod the throttle body to accept the L36 mass air flow sensor?

5) any other sensors or parts off the GTP I should grab?
Old 05-28-2016, 12:47 AM
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Unfortunately, I am limited in what I know on those questions, but I well give it my best shot.

1. - I believe the sways are interchangible. The only differences to look for is if one is thicker then the other.

2. - I believe the 04/05 GTP is still using a 4T65e Transmission. It should bolt up without an issue (but since it's an HD trans, you well need to swap the axle half shaft for one of the sides, as one side is a little shorter on the HD vs the non-HD). You well require PCM changes to accommodate different gearing on the transmissions.

3. - I am not sure the 04/05 GTP wiring and PCM can be popped into a '00-'05 Monte. If so, that might be the easiest bet. Or you might need to source the L67 wiring. This is outside of what I have done and outside what I have researched. Either way I think you are into some PCM adjustments.

4. - The L36 MAF sensor is 100% the same as the L67 MAF sensor. It's how the PCM is programmed for them that is different. The only differences in MAF sensors is based on year of the engines. Earlier Series 2 engines had a MAF bridge and used a similar looking MAF as the later years (but it is still different) and the later models of the Series 2 had a MAF hump in the top of the throttle body. Since I wanted to port the inlet of my L67 throttle body, I got an earlier year throttle body (easier to remove the MAF bridge and bore out the hole for my original MAF to fit in).

5. - Not sure.

Hopefully that is a start and others can chime in.

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