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  1. Mod Guide: Monte Carlo w/t tops lighting mod
  2. From the Staff: Tech Guide Rules
  3. Mod Guide: Add A 3rd Brake Light to Non-3rd Brake Light Car
  4. Mod Guide: How-To: Fourth Gen. Monte Carlo SS Rear Spoiler Installation w/ Pictures
  5. Info: Frame Dimentions
  6. Guide: pulling your trans 4th gen
  7. Info: engines that I can drop into my Monte Carlo SS and still be able to use the Computer
  8. Repair Guide: 4Th gen Timing Procedure
  9. Mod Guide: Removing the computer from your 4th gen
  10. Repair Guide: Door Pin Fix
  11. Repair Guide: Multiplex Wiper System
  12. Restore Guide: ***Painted valve cover and filter holder***
  13. Restore Guide: ***Inner Restoration***
  14. Repair Guide: G-body heater core replacement
  15. Repair Guide: Front spring removal/replacement
  16. Repair Guide: Valve seal replacement
  17. Repair Guide: Setting valve lash