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*** Selling Tips ***

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Default *** Selling Tips ***

I've had a few friends that didn't follow the below information and it
caused them a lot of problems.
I post this in hopes it helps any member that is attempting to sell their car
to get another Monte Carlo

Used Car Selling Tips
Six tips to steer you in the right direction

But the process will go easier -- and you'll be happier at the end of it all -- if you adhere to a few basic rules:

*Don't drive around with a "for sale" sign (and your home phone number) taped to the car -- This can encourage crimes of opportunity, i.e., no-good-niks spot you (especially if you are a woman) in the car and target you. Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper instead; this way, you can screen people over the phone; if someone sounds weird or gives you the creeps, you can always just tell them the car has been sold.

*Only agree to meet with prospective buyers someplace safe and public -- Your work, for example. For the same reasons mentioned above, try to avoid having strangers come to your home. You should also specify in your ad acceptable times to call -- and times after which you do not wish to be called.

* Describe the car objectively -- revealing known flaws (if any) as well as providing relevant documents such as service work invoices, etc. If the car has a bad transmission of needs brakes -- inform prospective buyers. Paying fair is not only the right thing to do -- it pretty much eliminates any worry about an irate "sucker" tracking you down later to get even. If the car has any defect or problem that could make it hazardous to operate, do not allow unsuspecting people to operate the vehicle. You should have any such problems fixed before you put the "for sale" ad in the paper -- or indicate in the ad that the vehicle is not currently in operable condition.

* Ask to see a driver's license and proof of insurance before you let a buyer drive the car -- and make absolutely sure the driver is at least 18-years-old. Never, ever allow an unattended minor to drive your vehicle; if they wreck or damage it, the under-18 driver may not be legally responsible. Insist a parent be present before allowing a test drive. Also be aware that if the driver is uninsured, you could get left holding the bag in the event an accident happens during the test drive. Be sure to write down the prospective buyer's DL info -- and make sure the person matches the description before turning over the keys.
(Above happened to my friend and the buyer wrecked his car, No DLor Insurance)

*Don't sign or turn over the title and keys until you've got payment in full in cash or its equivalent; no personal checks. Draw up a simple bill of sale stating the make/model/year of the vehicle, the mileage, sellers and buyer's names, the sale price -- and that the vehicle is sold "as is." This last is important to protect you in case the buyer later claims the car had some unknown problem or subsequently broke down -- and wants his money back.

* Be sure to remove your license plate(s
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Preparing Your
Car for Sale

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression . . .

By Mike Meredith of MSN Autos

Make It Presentable

"The most important thing is to clean the car inside and out," Vogelheim told MSN Autos. "If the car is older, a good wash and wax on the exterior and vacuum of the interior is probably enough. The extent of the detail will vary depending on the age of the car."
And if the car is nearly new, you may want to take it to a professional detailer and have them clean the interior, exterior and engine.
Vogelheim suggested taking the car to a full-service car wash as an alternative to a full detail. Have the car wash perform some of the extra services available, such as vacuuming, wiping the interior and dressing the trim, and the car should come out looking good.

A clean, shiny car gives the impression that you care about the car and have maintained it in good condition. On the other hand, a dirty car full of fast-food wrappers does exactly the opposite, and may unfairly devalue your car in the eyes of potential new owners.
"The better the car looks and the more broad of an appeal the car has, even if you don't get more money for it, you will probably sell it quicker," Vogelheim added.

Fix Obvious Damage

"You should fix any broken items that are easy to replace, such as lenses and headlights," Vogelheim told MSN Autos. "You don't want to give a buyer a reason to not buy your car."
"The difficulty with repairing body damage is that the greater the amount of damage, the less return on your investment you will get when you sell the car," added Vogelheim. But you don't want the damage to prevent you from selling the car.
"Another problem is inconsistent repair quality," Vogelheim cautioned. "And after the repair is completed, there will always be the question of how much damage there really was before the repair was made."
The best idea may be to get a written estimate of the cost to repair the damage and use it as a negotiating tool, advised Vogelheim.

Paintless Dent Repair and Airbrush Touch-Up

Paintless dent repair can be a good alternative to traditional body shop repairs for small dents and dings. Technicians use special tools to massage the dented metal back to its original position without painting the vehicle—and the work can usually be done in a few hours.
"And if you have multiple dents to repair, you can negotiate a deal to repair several dents at the same time for less than it would cost to repair each of the dents individually," Vogelheim suggested.
Airbrush touch-up of small scratches and chips is also a good idea because it is cosmetic and it makes the car look better. The repairs are done quickly and many companies will do the work on-site for you.

Windshield and Tires

"If the windshield is cracked, you may need to replace it, depending on the location of the crack and how large it is," explained Vogelheim. Buyers may balk at a six-inch crack near the driver's line of sight. Talk to the experts at a windshield repair shop about whether a particular crack can be economically repaired.
"For the most part, a dealership will have to do a lot more work to a car before reselling it, because they are liable for the car for some period of time," stated Vogelheim. "So the dealer will deduct the cost of any repairs that will have to be made from the amount they will pay for your car."
Vogelheim noted the car should have tires that have some tread life left on them. "Tires must be the proper size and match for the vehicle. If you are trading the vehicle in to a dealer, the tires should be fairly new to avoid a deduction when the car is appraised."

Remember the Service Records

"Try to have all records complete and neatly arranged for your prospective buyer," suggested Vogelheim. "This will instill confidence that the car has been well cared for."
If the car has been serviced at a dealer, the service records will be stored on a computer. Ask the dealer for a copy of the service history for your car.

Other Considerations

Be objective about the condition of your car, and be honest with prospective buyers about any serious problems or repairs the new owner will have to assume.
Sell your car "as is." You are not a dealer and you are not required to provide any type of warranty on the car. But be careful that you don't intentionally misrepresent the vehicle's condition, or the buyer may have some recourse.
Include a statement in your bill of sale that the car is sold "as is," and keep a copy of the bill of sale for your records. The bill of sale will establish the date of sale and help protect you from any further liability.
Finally, ask for payment by cashier's check or money order to avoid the hassles that can result from a personal check or a cash transaction.
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When Buying or Selling Parts or Smaller Items

When buying or selling small items, it is always a good idea to ship via a method that allows you to track the package. This protects both the seller and the buyer from being accused of being a crook. If a seller refuses to ship via a method that allows the package to be tracked, then buyer be ware!

Also, don't always ship an item in it's original box. Many items are well known for being stolen during shipping. Even the major shipping companies and post office are not immune to employees with "sticky fingers". Valuable and expensive small items like electronics are a magnet for thieves. Put the original box into a larger, plain, unmarked box that doesn't scream "STEAL ME -- I'M VALUABLE!".
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x2 on the shipping TAZ, I ship stuff all the time for people at work and I always re-pack anything into a bigger package with no markings as to what the contents are. It is a dead giveaway to get stolen. I also un-load the UPS truck in the morning and i see some pretty good stuff on their truck that if I were a thief I would definitely like to get my hands on, TV's mostly!!!

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Great info on all counts Gents!
Thanks for the Posts!!!!
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Great info! Thanks!
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