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Old 02-27-2018, 09:32 PM
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Default Muffler Delete or Aftermarket Muffler?


I'd like to do a muffler mod on my 2000 Monte Carlo SS. I've seen videos of Montes with a muffler delete and some with Flowmaster exhausts. Just a bit about my circumstances, I don't need anything super fancy, I didn't pay much for this car so I don't want to invest too much in it, and I'm willing to pay maybe a couple hundred max. Not too concerned with the loud noise unless it would be in violation of the law, though I don't need it obnoxiously loud. Of course, I don't want to be at risk of being pulled over either. Keeping the muffler without the resonator is pretty painful on the ears IMO though. I usually drive alone, only short distances a couple times a week to the airport for training. The sound is mainly for my own consumption, not others'. I'm relatively new to working on vehicles, only done some minor repairs on my car and Mom's van. Have aftermarket exhaust tips I'd like to keep. Just a few questions for anyone who knows:

- What is the preferred option: Muffler delete, or getting an aftermarket muffler? Muffler AND resonator?
- I got rid of most of the tools in a move. Are either of these something a person relatively new to cars could do in the driveway, or is this something better to have a muffler shop work on?
- General cost estimate for either, myself or a mechanic?
- I heard somewhere that some states have a law that says as long as you have at least one part to decrease the sound like a catalytic converter or resonator, you can remove the muffler, is this true? Anyone know if a muffler delete is legal in Virginia as long as you keep everything else on?
- Does it improve performance, or make it worse? I've heard both.

If you know about any of these or have suggestions, I would appreciate your input! Thanks

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Old 02-27-2018, 10:41 PM
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I think you are money head by having a shop do the work for you, especially since your tools may be lacking in diversity. If you want a richer sound I would jump up from the factory 2.25" to a 2.5" and some economical mufflers to keep your cost down. Had a shop do mine from regular steel, Magnaflow bullet style and it was actually very reasonable, been so long hard to remember the price. But you will get all welded connections, no clamps to work free etc.

My Monte is pretty loud and I have yet to be pulled over by the police for a noise violation. Did get kicked out of parade for doing a crowd pleasing burn out...
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Old 03-01-2018, 10:16 PM
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I'd say magnaflow mufflers and resonator delete. Flowmaster has never sounded good on gm motors to me (great on ford though)
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Old 06-19-2018, 11:31 AM
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I did two glass packs with two inline resonators and it sounded beastly.
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Old 06-19-2018, 12:19 PM
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Thanks for your replies guys! I'll keep all this in consideration.
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2000 ss, aftermarket muffler, muffler delete

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