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7th Gen ('06-'07): Fog light install parts list.

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Default Fog light install parts list.

Was wondering if anyone has a parts list for what is needed to install fog lights on an 06 monte LS that has never had them installed before.

My plan is to wire them up independently of the factory wiring harness and use a switch to turn them on and off. Therefore, not a lot of help needed as to making it look factory from the switch. That's a project for down the road (maybe).

Just would like to know if anyone has done this and what parts did you buy to install them in the holes where the plastic louvers? are.

When I get to doing this ( maybe next week?) I'll post pictures of my process in order to help others.

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I have an 04, and I'd be interested in knowing how to do this as well. It annoys me that I have a spot for fog lights, with no fog lights.
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Default •••• Click this LINK for photos.

If you have a question about this setup, ... email me at [email protected] and I'll do a phone call or video chat to explain the details.

This is how I did it. I can have ON/DRL, OFF/DRL, ON/Hi, ON/Lo -or- OFF.
3-Lighting Relays
1-Inline Fuse
1-Fuse Tap - 2/Position
1-3/8th Inch Grommet
Run 12V+ fm "ACC" Fuse, using FUSE TAP, fm DrSde Fuse Pnl under dash to the Right of the Heater Box in Pass Footwell.
Remove Coolant Overflow Tank. Drill 3/8th Hole thru firewall - 1"Below / 1-" Right of Heater Core Box. Drill from Inside thru to Eng Compt.
Install Grommet.
Run Fusebox wire thru to Eng Compt. Up to top of Power Distribution Panels.
Mount MAIN Lighting Relay atop Power Distribution Panel. Pop rivet secures Relay.
Run the ACC Fusebox tapped wire to 12V - LowAmp - Switched-side of Relay. (Relay + Trigger terminal)
Provides the POWER Relay to be: KeyOut: Off - KeyOff: Off - KeyON: ON - ACC:ON - Run:ON
Connect Relay 12V - LowAmp - Opposite Terminal Gnd - Switched-side of Relay to: GROUND (frame).

Run +12V Hot fm Power Block Post thru Inline Fuse Holder -to- +12V LOAD Side Relay. LOAD (In).
Take +12V Hot fm LOAD-OUT on Relay and run along Wire Harness to reach TWIN RELAYS BLOCK on Eng Comp Fender Well - DrSide - 4-Inches in front of DrSde Strut Tower.
This single wire carrying the +12V Load fm the MAIN Relay ... feeds +12V LOAD to ••BOTH•• secondary relays. One relay is controlled by LOW Beam ... other controlled by HIGH Beam.
Mount 2 Lighting Relays - Side by Side at that location ahead of Strut Tower.

Critical Hook-up:
Hot wire from the Power Block mounted Relay feeds -->BOTH +12V LOAD IN's On Twin Relays. (Make the end a Y and feed BOTH Relays +12V Hot from Power Block Relay!!!

+12V Hot - LOAD OUT fm MAIN Relay -to- LOAD (In) at BOTH Relays <> Load From MAIN -to- BOTH Relays. LOAD (Out) fm BOTH Relays are SPLICED together and then run as ONE Single Source of +12V LOAD to BOTH Lights.

Cover light sensor on dash with dark towel.
Find the Hot wire feeding the Headlight for when the Headlight is ON @ Low Beams
Splice 12V Low Beam On wire to Twin Relay #-1 --> LowAmp - Switched - Side (Trigger IN)
Find the Hot wire feeding the Headlight for when the Headlight is ON @ High Beams
Splice 12V High Beam On wirie to Twin Relay #-2 --> LowAmp - Switched - Side (Trigger IN)

Run "Married Speaker wire" from BOTH Twin Relays LowAmp Opposite sides #-1 & #-2 up around Strut Tower and through Steering Column Boot using Ice Pick to penetrate Boot. Run Speaker wire to rear of Dash.

Install Switch.
Double Pole - Double Throw - Center OFF Switch.
Bring Relay Low Sides to EACH end of the Switch.
GROUND the Opposite terminals of Switch.

Rick Massey

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Nice write up. For an '04. I have an '06 though. Appreciate you replying though. Might help another '04 owner. I hope my write up is as complete. I should have my parts this weekend. Will give it a go then. I hope. I just hope I have all the parts I need. I bought the fog lights and an aftermarket fog light wiring harness and the connectors for the lights. Hope that's all I'll need.
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Just an update. Got the parts today. Missing one crucial part it seems.
Still need the cover for the lights in order to hold them securely in place.

This is the part: COVER - GM (15776171)
This is what it looks like: COVER | Genuine GM | 15776171
Expensive. Puts a crimp in my plans but I guess I'll have to be patient.

*UPDATE: Decided to order part from Rock Auto. Different part number but this is it: GM1038163

Seems this part is the number for an '06 - '08 Buick Lucerne. Same part as the '06 - '07 Monte Carlo though so no worries.

List so far:
  1. Fog light connectors: STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS HP3835
  2. Fog lights (2ea.) : TYC 19585500
  3. LT|LTZ|SS; Fog Lamp Bezel; Left Front bumper insert: GM1038163
  4. Wiring harness (nothing special here. just a kit you can get from ebay or amazon or wherever.)
Managed to un-clip the louver from the bumper in order to check the fitment. Took a couple of pictures.
Here is the album link: Car Repair Slideshow by sportz97 | Photobucket

Will update when I get the other parts and get them installed.

Update. Got them installed. Funny how they just barely fit in the holes. Oh well, nothing a little weld it glue couldn't fix.

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I'd hate to break it to you but they don't sell the insert thing single for the ls model. It's the actual bumper, you would have to mod your bumper itself meaning cut it up and splice wires to do it. The wire part isn't hard but for the fogs to stay In you would have to drill holes etc...I did it for my ls, and the fogs wouldn't sit in right so I took them out. You could buy a ss bumper and paint it, they are interchangeable. I would recommend buying a impala ss bumper though more aid flow and more room for modding.
Old 09-26-2015, 07:58 PM
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Thanks. I got it. Mine's in. Job done.

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