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6th Gen ('00-'05): 01 SS random stalling and hard starts

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Default 01 SS random stalling and hard starts

Howdy y'all! New here, but not to wrenching. Let's get straight to the point, shall we?

2001 Monte Carlo SS 3.8 series two with recently redone top end. New UIM LIM and head gaskets. New plugs and wires. New MAP MAF Upstream O2 sensor.

Problem:/After warmed up when the computer switches from closed loop to open loop ( or do I have it backwards?) The fuel trim will randomly shoot to around 20-21 causing super rich condition, which leads to the stall.

I figured it was the O2 sensor, since the voltage doesn't fluctuate when the grim goes high, or when it falls, but there is no code showing up. No CEL, nadda.

Now it won't even start. New plugs and wires. Gets good spark, good fuel pressure. It tries, but will stumble and give a pop from the exhaust. I figure that's because the pipe has a decent small leak, and its sucking air, igniting unburned fuel from the no start.

Yesterday she started but had no power, and ran like utter ***. That's why it got plugs and wires today. The O2 sensor came in today, so I went to pull her up into the garage to change the sensor, after changing the plugs, and wires, but it won't start. The plugs and wires were done the right way, ONE AT A TIME, and the caps are all seated.

Does anyone have a clue? Would a bad or failing crank sensor cause any of these symptoms? I am a small engine guy, mainly two strokes, I can build a sub 100cc engine that will run 75 mph, and I can get eight HP from 5HP Briggs, but his is driving me stupid. I cannot figure this out. I love this car, it has a few of the common issues, the shift to 4 solenoid is gone, the turn signals and yards are finicky, and the clear coat is failing, but I love her, and want to keep her.

If you made it this far, thank you for your time. Thank you in advance, for reading this, and posting some ideas. If you need more information, I can try to get it.

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