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exhaust tip help.

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Default exhaust tip help.

Hey All,
I want to put exhaust tips on my 2003 Monte Carlo SS, and need help choosing them. One, how do I measure what size will fit. The pipes are 2 1/2 inches. (I bought some tips that were supposed to fit 2 1/2 and they didn't.) Two, is there a major difference between slip-on, weld-on and screw-on tips? Three, does the brand make a difference? Thanks, Luke.
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Default RE: exhaust tip help.

you definitly want weld on. even with my stock mufflers, i was able to place 3" tips under my 03 SS pretty easy... 3.5" would be a push. the 2.5"s shoudl fit easily. i do'nt know why you had problem unless your car and mine are aligned different. were they square tips or round?
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Default RE: exhaust tip help.

there is "inner diameter i/d" and "outer diameter o/d" if you got 2.5" i/d tips and a 2.5" o/d tailpipe it wont work. make sure you take proper measurements b4 you buy and in the future u wont have a problem
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Default RE: exhaust tip help.

actually i had the same thing I have bought three sets for mine with all of them having the O/D of at least 2.5"
Next time if i decied to ge them i will get 3.0 OD
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Default RE: exhaust tip help.

just make sure the i/d of the tips is the same size or bigger then the o/d of the tailpipe
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Default RE: exhaust tip help.

[align=center]Hi Luke,[/align][align=center]I agree with Duane & member's,that weld on's are the best way to `go,[/align][align=center]but if you put bolt on, make sure you check them[/align][align=center]about a week after you have them on to retighten.[/align][align=center]I would go to `Jeg's, & check out what they have[/align][align=center]or check their online catalog.[/align][align=center]Below is a site with both bolt on's & weld on's.[/align][align=center]Good Luck, `Space[/align][align=center]
Exhaust Tips for Cars

Stainless steel exhaust tips will add a great, custom look to your vehicle. Bolt on and weld on applications are available.

Selection Tip: Measure the Outside Diameter of your existing tailpipe and then choose an exhaust tip with an Inlet that is slightly greater in size. Then choose the desired length and exhaust tip style.

Click on the Exhaust Tips picture below for a Detailed Description and Pricing.
[/align][align=center][align=center][:-]click on below link [:-]
Things You’ll Need: [/align][align=center][*]WD-40 [*]Rubber mallet [*]Towel

Step 1:
Buy exhaust tips that fit the diameter of your tail pipe properly. Tips from the car's manufacturer may be the best fit, as these parts are usually specific to the vehicle's year, model and type. However, even within car brands, tips may not fit all cars.
Step 2:
Measure the bumper cutouts to ensure the new chrome tips fit. With the wrong-size part, you may damage the bumper, scratch the chrome or be forced to enlarge the cutout. If you decide to go with a larger-size tip, have a professional cut the bumper to avoid cracking.
Step 3:
Pick the length of your tips so that you achieve maximum curb appeal without burning pedestrians' shins. Your tips should be long enough to be seen and properly vent the exhaust.
Step 4:
Install the tips when the car is cold. As you slide the tip onto the tailpipe or muffler tip, you will meet resistance, so you want to avoid having the parts expand due to the heat of the engine. In addition, you don't want to burn your fingers as you work with the tailpipe!
Step 5:
Use WD-40 to lubricate the tips as you install them. This will help the tips slide on as far as possible without excess force. You may have to use a rubber mallet to push the tip back fully. Protect the chrome parts with a towel.
Step 6:
Tighten the screws, and check for rattling. Tighten the screws again in about 2 weeks, as they will naturally loosen at first. For weld
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Default RE: exhaust tip help.

AutoZone has a round Mandrill that will expand the diameter slightly. The tool fits inside the I-D ... you put a wrench to it and the Mandrill expands the Circumference a little bit. You only need to expand the diameter enough to slip-over the O-D of the exhaust pipe.
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Default RE: exhaust tip help.

I put Aero Exhaust tips on my car. My friend ordered a exhaust kit from them and didnt use the tips so I did. It made a huge difference in looks and sounded deeper believe it or not. A little spendy but also nice.
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