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Old 05-07-2014, 12:38 PM
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I slapped my CSC kit on the Monte at 185,000 miles.
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Old 05-07-2014, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by pstagni View Post
So the 5x4.5 are not going to work and wheel adapters are a bad idea? 225hp seems quite low for all that seeings how they are 200hp stock right? 25 more hp for a few $1000 seems quite pointless. Will it make the monte really that much faster?
the full bolt on n/a car that made 225WHP (wheel horse power) was at the wheels.

a factory monte they say has 200hp (horse power at the crank) this means they dont factor in drive train loss. a stock n/a monte on the dyno guessing makes 165whp so it is an increase of 65ish hp and this makes a nice difference. you will spend tons more money trying to do this than just top swapping it though.

Originally Posted by pstagni View Post
Wouldnt my motor blow up if I supercharge or turbo it with the miles it has on it?
if its built right shouldnt be an issue, worry about the trans breaking.
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Old 05-26-2014, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by JD87SS View Post
Well Bumping, its not worth the effort to try to debate this anymore you've obviously got a lot to learn.
This isn't 100% track here, street ability, mileage, warranty etc are concerns a VAST MAJORITY will have to contend with. You method is track only and still debatable on that end as to merit.

3800 tuning, yup probably have me there.
Overall, well you got A LONG WAY to go buddy.
Competition Data Systems software here!

Your wrong you disrespectful egotistical know-it-all. What he is talking about is not for the track only. He literally just explained that to you. YOU sir, are the one who has alot to learn, first about manors for god sake, but also car modding. You can spout all the scientific crap you want, everyone is going to experience different effects based on what condition they're car is in, how they drive, what else they've got done to it, etc. Bumping is correct in everything he's saying and you are just being an ***. Tuning does make a difference without a freaking dyno. We aren't finely tuning and pushing the limits of a drag car where we are screwing with pushing then limits of compression ratios and variable advanced timing where we are completely making it up ourselves. Like he clearly said, we are working from a base program and tune and making small adjustments to simple aspects to collectively improve the overall performance of some mid-grade, slightly above average Sport Coupe cars for god sake. Also like bumping stated, WE ONLY HAVE 3-5 options for exhaust modifications and when talking about cars pushing less than 300hp, the extreme cases of negative effects that small measurements that would only matter in extremely high powered applications, DON'T MAKE A DAMN DIFFERENCE. We are only slightly changing the course of our exhaust flow to decrease restriction and let the car breath a little better so that it goes a little faster and works a little healthier. Your arguing like we are designing new components for the next Hennessy Venom GT (unless you don't know what that is) where every measurement counts in creating a PERFECT absolute flow of power so that extreme speeds are achieved without falling apart. Ik this is probably an outdated reply but I was reading through and you really pissed me off with all of your "you have alot to learn." This is a family where we are not disrespectful towards one another and we listen to what each other has to say without insulting they're opinions. so in that sense and all other, you, are, WRONG. Go talk to yourself in a mirror like you talk to us and try agreeing with yourself again you ****.
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Old 06-18-2014, 02:58 PM
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My Monte is my username. Please explain to me should I do ubend and resinator/resonator delete? Please also explain to me what these are? I have no idea. I would also like to know, which is better, getting a CAI or getting this "kn-63-series-aircharger-high-flow-intake-kit"? Currently I am working with everything stock under the hood so you know I am lacking and desperately need help and more power. I also just created a thread on doing a cat removal please let me know about that too.
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