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Mustang vs. Monte, the mustang side of the story

Old 03-27-2011, 10:16 AM
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Default Mustang vs. Monte, the mustang side of the story

Thought you guys may like getting offended:

me vs monte carlo.... - Mustang Forums

stumbled across it while doing a google search.... thought it was funny. Yeah, guy had 50-60 hp on him.... and then wonders why he beat one of our cars so easily.... let's line up one of your V6's and see what you got!!! The guy never gives any solid proof that he was racing a supercharged car eitehr.
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What the hell is that place. Felt like I was back in the 8th grade when I was there. I love your sig pic Cowboy. You should take a pic like this in front of a cemetary. It looks like your cars soles are having a out of body experience. FN awesome
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Some people on Planet `Earth never had anything good happen in their lives, so they have to attack other people, or their choice in vehicles...."Mines faster/better/bigger then yours"....Good 4 them (Maybe they will get a trophy & be happy : ) I think a person has to be happy with themselves first, and a great car can just make them happier...

I personally like several Mustangs & Ford product, but I prefer ~> Chevrolet Products.....Wanta Race me Mine is faster then yours 4-Sure LOL
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They are just a bunch a haters! We are much more civilized over here!
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I actually don't mind mustang owners, or anyone else who thinks our cars are slow...they take it for granted that we're slow....and by the time they start to realize what's heppening when we lineup, I'm already in front and it's already to late....I can tell stories of mustang kills....Let them keep thinking I have nothing for them...I have no complaints about it....

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That is too funny! I will line up any pre 2005 stock mustang gt with my wife's GTP and not be too scared. I will definitely run them with LuSe4! I think they may be surprised!
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im sure his mustang wasnt stock if he blew away a l67 car. the 5.0s werent quck stock and even geared you really had to know how to drive them. not for nothing but that thread was from 06 if he took on a ls4 car it would be a rude awakening. i dont fear any of the stock or lightly modded mustangs except the later 4v 4.6. the late 5.0s werent fast and the 4.6 2v/3v arent faster by any means.
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i have all the love for mustangs, but that is just MEAN!!! i love my monte carlo, slow or fast. so i found what they were saying funnie, cause not all mustangs are fast, lol.
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Default Looking to post my cars

Hi there, I'm a new member. I just joined today and I'm glad I found this forum. There is plenty of sites for Camaros, but have a hard time finding sites for Monte Carlos.

Can anyone tell me where I can download free software to make a custom picture of my cars and add graphics and text like Cowboy6622?

Oh by the way, when I was about 20 years old I said I would never own a Ford even though my first car was a 1965 Mustang, however as we grow old we became wiser and so did Ford. So I did buy a Ford, a 1998 Mustang Cobra SVT convertible, triple black.

The thing that pisses me off the most is how GM's bean counters did not let the 2002 Dale Earnhardt signature series Monte Carlo to be made as Dale wanted it to be made and as the prototype was made. 350 V8- 450HP, REAR WHEEL DRIVE. But I still LOVE my Monte

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I would have loved to own that car....350 V8-450 hp, rwd in that body style.

Also...I wonder why the woman in her pre 05 V6 stang never posted up at the time she got an ear full of blow whine from my Monte. If they want to pick on a V6...I am sure there is afew that will give them a run for their money. When I get mine paid off and a decent build engine in it. It will not be so easy for those V8's to run with me.

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