Racing your Monte Raced a guy in your ride? Had that Monte Carlo of yours on the timed track? Tell your story here.


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I have an 86 Monte Carlo and it was a damp day I had just left the mall and was sitting at the light to make a left turn i look to my left and see a late 90s ford mustang reving up the motor yelling that chevys are garbage.... I just throw him a quick smile and watch the soon as the light turns green i stomp the gas to the floor and the car comes off the line sideways the kid next to me in the mustang saw my jump got scared and swerved into the side of my car quickly ending the race leaving no damage to my car but just proving he knows mustangs aint got nothing on monte carlos...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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as long as your not upset about scruffin up your ride, it made me crack a quick smile myself
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I know someone who used to "race" illegally down in KY. They had an older fox body Mustang 5.0 with a manual transmission. They told me one one particular race how the totally got DOMINTATED by a Monte Carlo with a supercharger. I just laughed, cuz at the time I heard the story, I had an 02 LS. I thought it was amusing to hear that... now, I always think of that when I see those older Mustangs, cuz I know I could probably beat them off the line with a s/c Monte!
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yeah i want to do a really nice motor swap to my car..... i wanna go from the 305 HO to a 383 stroker with a twin turbo setup i have been researching it for awhile now and by the looks of it it will be mighty expensive so i think im gonna have to race some of these punk kids who think their car is bad *** and in the long run ill have the fastest monte in my area
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hahaha good one.
I'd love to have seen his face

"OOH Crap he's gonna side swipe meeee!!!"
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nice kill! those 5.0's can scoot, but you need to put a little money in them before they are a threat. Be weary though, with how common they were theres a lot of parts out there for them and its not an expensive car to get fast!

that 383 would be a nice setup, would you drop it in yourself?
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id be extremely carefull against a 5.0 with a stick and gears if i were you. that 305 in your car would be bringing a knife to a gun fight. id be surprised if that monte could hang with a geared 5.0 for half a block. not tryin to put anyone down, but ive done alot of street racing over the last 11yrs and im a monte man and have always battled the fox bodies and i know from first hand experience that they can slap a car around on the street. on a side note i know it was damp out but you gotta be careful launching that monte once you get a motor in it. they have a bad habit of launching crooked. anyway good luck with it.
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the best part is it wasnt even a 5.0 it was the little six banger he want to run his mouth so i made him eat his words lol and yes i would be dropping the engine in myself im doing all the work myself hahahaha you want something done right do it yourself lol
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Man, where are all those cocky Mustang guys when I'm around, lol. I'd love to find a kid that was like that just so I could shut him up.

Good luck with the 383 build. It'll be a lot more fun then a 305
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I live right around a base and every kid that signs up gets a Mustang...I'm actually tired of wasting the gas just too shut them up.

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