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6th Gen ('00-'05): launching automatic 4 speed in 3rd gear on monte

Old 06-11-2013, 12:20 AM
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Default launching automatic 4 speed in 3rd gear on monte

Im just wondering if launching my monte from a stand still while in third gear will increase my 0-60 acceleration and if it would be bad for the tranny and also if while im driving in 3rd gear can i change it back to D while still moving just want to make sure before i try dont want to blow my tranny .
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Launching in 3rd vs 4th will make no difference...either way your transmission will start in 1st gear. Unless you are trying to avoid Overdrive, there is really no reason to put it in 3rd (if you are going to floor it and try to go as fast as you possibly can, you may want to put it in 3rd to lock the tranny out of 4th, its not good on the transmission to shift into 4th/ OD while at WOT...but you got to be going well over 100 before that becomes an issue).

Also, moving from D to 3 or 3 to D while you are driving will not hurt your transmission.
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I just looked at my stock PCM settings and the 1st - 2nd shift is set at 42 MPH, which means it will probably occur around 45 mph & the 2nd to 3rd shift is set at 80, which means probably the shift from 2 --> 3 will occur around 82 ish
Your best 0-60 times will come from launching in 1st gear; if you are spinning a bunch, then a stickier tire, drag radial or wider tire for the front would help the most.
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Shouldn't be an issue at all. Don't launch it anywhere higher than 1800 though just to be safe. If you have an NA monte the Diff in the trans is weaker than the HD trans found in the SC ones. When I race, I keep it in 3rd the whole way down. You shouldn't be getting anywhere near 4th if your on a track. My personal best 60' was when I launched it around 1600RPM in 3rd and it was a 2.203
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This is somewhat of an old thread I realize but what is WOT? I'm not familiar with that acronym.

Also say you have the PCM tuned to remove the governor/speed limiter am I reading correctly that you should stay in 3rd gear to keep the tranny from shifting into 4th/overdrive?
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WOT: wide open throttle. Pedal to the metal. Flooring it. Etc.
Old 04-02-2014, 10:44 PM
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If your pcm isn't tuned 3rd will max out at about 95 mph. If you are tuned I max out third at 105-110 I think. Been awhile since iv tried. I do know second maxed out between 80 and 90.

Basically 4th is a weak gear. So if im anticipating a race from a stop ill put it in three. If in doing a 60 roll ill pop it into 2 as to gain as much acceleration as possible. Most the time just put it in three when you race, the auto trans will do the rest of the down shifting for you. I dont know how the stock tune does it but mine will pop to second as soon as i wot over 60 or first under 60. Then wont shift to third till 5900 rpms.

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i never go wot in 4th. 4th only has 2 friction and 2 steel plates for a clutch setup and this can not hold power. it will fry them very quickly if making a wot pull in 4th.

04lavass the standard diff to a hd diff, yes the hd diff is a little stronger but if he isnt making a ton of power i doubt he will harm the standard diff.

as far as launching and racing i keep in 3rd, keep foot on brake and roll into gas a bit to get the car tugging on the brakes, then when coming off the brake evenly roll into the throttle while counting in your head "1 mississippi 2 mississippi 3 mississippi" by the time you say 3 you should be at wot. this should help with spinning from accelerating to quickly.

if looking to do a burnout i suggest locking the trans in 2nd gear and smashing the gas. this will let it do a 1-2 shift and get the tires rolling 70ish mph for a good smoke show but not try and shift into 3rd and strain the trans trying to spin tire in such a high gear.
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I agree with what Turbo Monte said ;-) I do think it would be rare to actually do WOT in 4th, I pulled a stock tune file for my 05 SS If you are at WOT the 3 to 4th up shift is set at 124 MPH (on a stock tune, you won't hit that trap speed, so even if you did have the car in 4th, it wouldn't shift to 4th until you let your foot off the gas a bit.)

If you are not racing and just driving along in 4th, and than punch the accelerator to go WOT the stock tune will downshift from 4th to 3rd if going under 100 MPH.

Not that you would want to do this, but as far as I know, the only way would be going over 100 MPH at part throttle in 4th & then punch it to WOT.

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I was a little confused for a second. Like I said mine would not do 124 in 3rd. 115 max I think. But you have an 05 (supercharged ss) so you have a slightly different final drive ratio. Those of us with l36's im on a aftermarket tune and Im at 6000 rpm at about 115-120. I think... now I have to go 135 again to confirm everything I said here....

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