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Late Night Unexpected Race

Old 07-08-2013, 10:15 AM
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Default Late Night Unexpected Race

So, I've never raced my ride before buuuutttt....

A couple nights ago, around 12:00am, I was driving my 15 mile ride home after driving a business car about 200 miles all night. I was a bit tired. I pulled out into a 55mph country highway in front of a pair of headlights that was plenty far away. Once I pulled out though, I realized this pair of headlights was traveling extremely quickly, so I made sure I sped up as to not slow them down excessively.

I didn't feel any guilt; they were far above the speed limit. Nonetheless, they proceeded to tailgate me with their brights on for about 4 miles. Since their lights were so bright, I still didn't know what type of vehicle this was. I kept speeding up here and there to get away, but they kept coming right back. I have the IPCW LED taillights which tend to blind people from behind, so I started brake-checking them because, quite honestly, I was getting pissed.

After a few miles, we pulled up to a tiny pickup going about 45mph. I slowed down to wait for a safe time to pass the pickup, but as soon as I decelerated, the vehicle behind me pulled out a flew past, so I followed them to get around the terribly slow vehicle. Once we both passed the pickup, the Burgundy Duramax Silverado now in front of me went off the shoulder intentionally for half a mile, spraying rocks and dust all over my clean car.

I wasn't going to take this.

I pulled out and passed them with ease, though they clearly tried to stop my progress as I heard their exhaust roar to life. I pulled in front of them and slowed to about 75mph cruising speed (there was nobody else on the road at this time of night). As we approached the stop sign where I would turn right to drive the remaining few miles into town, they decided to attempt to pass me again, but I didn't allow it. As soon as I saw them pull into the oncoming lane, I floored it. Even with their headstart in accelerating, I kept pace with them for a solid amount of time before I let them go, since we were nearing my turn.

At the stop sign, the loud Silverado was also turning right, surprise surprise! I should have known to keep a larger distance between our vehicles, because as the truck turned, they went to the side again and sprayed rocks from their spinning right wheel and squealed on the pavement with their left wheel. Gravel rained on my car. Again pissed off, I quickly got back on the gas, hearing and feeling my supercharger and CAI at full bore. I pulled straight into the oncoming traffic lane (still nobody in sight) for the uphill acceleration. Again, even with their head-start, I pulled next to them a smoothly approached their tailgate, door, fender, and cleared them.

We both stayed on the gas for quite a while, but of us topping out around 125. Once I was clear by a good distance, I slowed down to 55mph as we were nearing town. The Silverado didn't want to slow down, though, and passed me right back, before slowing down to speed limit themselves. They reached the stop sign outside of town just before I did. They put the truck in park, and I stopped a few yards behind them, waiting to see what would happen. Four doors opened. Four college students jumped out. Four cowboy-boot wearing fellas began walking with swagger towards my car. Now since I am a 140lb 18 year old, I wasn't exactly fit to take them on. I put my car in reverse, backed up, pulled forward and sped past them before eventually losing them in the residential area of town.

I have been looking for the Burgundy Silverado since the time of the race. Once I was back in my garage, I looked at my nose, hood, and fenders, which were all freshly and beautifully painted 2 years ago. I had zero chips before that night, but suddenly I have little white dots speckling my black paint job.

Were the chips worth the race? No.

Was putting that truck to shame worth the risk? Yes.

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Your story-telling skills are very good, and I enjoyed envisioning this play out in my head...but..........

Those rock chips could just as easily have been bullet holes. Where I live, most everyone has a gun, myself included, regardless if they own it legally or illegally. You never know who you might be pissing off with your antics, and although the truck was driving like an idiot, I would have just let them pass. Not worth it unless you know the race is all in good fun. Im only three years older than you, and that sounds exactly like something I would have done back when I was 18,but Ive changed alot since then and I'm just saying, its good to have fun, but do it responsibly.

Now that im done with my rant, it is refreshing to hear that your car can hold its own with a Dirty-max Those are some torque monsters when tuned correctly.
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Hi `Jordan >`Irace,
After reading your post I'm happy that no one is dead or your vehicles totaled.

That's a dangerous game you played, but I most likely would have don't the same or similar thing when I was your age. We live & hopefully we learn from our life's experiences, some 'do, and some don't. Life is a risk, and you sure posted about one in your thread

I'm sorry about your chips, but that's only one of the cost for your wild experience.

I don't know 'if you learned anything from it, but I sure hope so.? ? ?

Oh, what are you doing later ? Do you want to meet 'up & line our rides up ?

Would you do the same thing again ? If not, what would you have done different ? Would you have departed 'if you had a weapon ? >I hope so ?

Thanks for sharing & it will be interesting to see what our diverse member's post on your experience.

Wish you safe travels & I hope that you are safe out there on your highways of life 4>Sure. Life is already to short > Don't rush to your Dead End 4>Sure
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p.s. Thanks Victory 4 your post/words/experience...I was composing my thoughts while you were submitting yours..

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Thanks for the words of wisdom, guys!

If presented with the same situation again, I probably wouldn't do what I did. The only reasons I didn't just pull off to the side and let them go right away was because..

a) I live in a fairly conservative, respectful area where it's extremely rare to have a weapon pulled on you or for someone to have out-of-control road rage.
b) I knew these roads like the back of my hand. I drive them every day to work.
c) It had been a few months since I really pushed my car, so it was time anyway. Dumb reason, but still factored in.
d) I have a pet peeve for the cowboy/hick type in my area that love their trucks and think they're hot stuff.
e) Literally 1 vehicle (the slow pickup) the whole race back. Nobody was driving.

Obviously, immature reasons. However, I'm a pretty responsible person, especially driving. I know how to drive fast, and I know everybody says that but seriously, I know when I have control and when I don't have control. I'm a very defensive driver. I wasn't uncomfortable at all speedily driving those roads. At the slightest risk of anything happening, I back off. As you noticed in the events that transpired, when we pulled up on the slow pickup, I was perfectly content to wait for a safe time to pass him. If I saw ANY other headlights or unexpected wildlife (deer) or bikers/pedestrians, boom, on the brakes. I mentioned I know these roads extremely well. Being in Iowa, you can pretty much see for miles, with the exception of a hill here or there. This particular highway was straight as an arrow. Nothing special.

I'm not trying to justify my actions, because clearly it was unnecessary. Things would have been 100% different if he hadn't sprayed gravel at me. I would have been fine to let him go.

For the future, I should now know not to respond to others' attempt to provoke me. The risks are too high. I have a close friend who lost a brother to irresponsible driving, so I know the effects are real.
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U shoulda got their license plate and reported to cops their driving and then also had them repaint ur car
sorry for caps
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To be honest, I have a short temper when I'm behind the wheel but at the same time. I would've been cursing behind the wheel of my car at the Silverado. Anything could've happened that night, fortunately the worst didn't happen.
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F*ckin steers. I don't know how they are down south. But here in Saskatchewan, Canada (Canada's Kansas), it's ALWAYS the guys in the footloose wearin cowboyhat, pick-up truck drivin idiots that start problems on the road. I noticed this as soon as I got my Monte Carlo a couple years ago. I don't drive as much and have not have had any problems for a long time as I have a shorter commute to work but still. I feel your pain.
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Originally Posted by irace88 View Post
d) I have a pet peeve for the cowboy/hick type in my area that love their trucks and think they're hot stuff.

Strong this. I agree 100%. I get jokes from my friends that cause I like Nascar I am a redneck. But honestly, they know I absolutely hate real rednecks (racist, holier than thou, uneducated white trash) those brokeback mountain types were a perfect example of this.
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This kind of made me lol

Sounds like a story straight from Fast and Furious
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