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Do you Street Race? Track Race? or Both ?

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Default Do you Street Race? Track Race? or Both ?

Hi Member's,
Please Vote in above POLL
It will be interesting to see the results on how our member's voted.

Track Racing

or both ? or Neither
Do you Street Race, or have you raced on the street in your past ?
Please post your experiences; Pro's & Con's
Do you, or have you Raced on the `Track ?
Please post your experiences, your story
(Pic's a plus: )

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Respect your fellow enthusiasts. Being of a diverse background, members are likely to express different opinions, and while opinions may differ from yours, they are just that, opinions; and everyone is entitled to express theirs freely. We will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, or personal attacks...Thank You
What are the risks in your opinion ? Please post/share `ok
What are the ReWards ?

Below are a few articles to view & think about.

"Think b-4 YOU Race"
Know the consequences 4-Sure
= Be Safe out there =

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About Street Racing & Its Dangers

<!-- google_ad_section_end() --></HEADER><FOOTER class=footer><FOOTER class="AuthorProfileWrap footer">Chris Moore
Chris Moore has been contributing to eHow since 2007 and is a member of the DFW Writers' Workshop. He received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from the University of Texas-Arlington.

By Chris Moore, eHow Contributor
<!-- google_ad_section_start() -->Street racing remains a popular underground sport, as competitors (most of them young drivers) race souped-up cars one on one along open roads. Street racing is usually done for pride, popularity and thrills, but the dangers are excessive. While professional racing on speedways makes safety the biggest priority, street racing is extremely dangerous because those who partake in it have no regard for their safety or that of anyone else.

<!-- google_ad_section_end() --><SECTION class="Module body FLC"><SECTION><!-- google_ad_section_start() -->
  1. High Speed Risks
    • Street racers usually drive their cars at more than 100, and sometimes 180, miles per hour. These are usually not professional drivers who have been taught how to properly handle a car at those speeds. Thus, street racers are very likely to lose control of the car at those excessive speeds and cause a serious accident, and some drivers may even deliberately try to cause an opponent to wreck.

    Safety Hazards

    • Most cars used in street racing are built for speed but not for safety. The cars almost never have strong enough frames or seat belts to withstand a collision at the speeds they are raced at; by comparison, professional race cars have roll cages and cushioning meant to protect the driver inside. Street racers also rarely, if ever, wear helmets. All of this leads to high fatality rates in street racing collisions.

    Public Dangers

    • Racing on open, public streets increases the danger even more. Even the least-driven roads have the risk of another car or pedestrians appearing without knowledge of a race. Racers have little to no reaction time to get out of the way of or stop for these people, which results in accidents and fatalities for innocent bystanders.

    Fans at Risk

    • Even the spectators can be at risk during a street race, much more so than at a professional racing track. The races take place on open roads with no safety barriers protecting the fans from the cars. A car losing control can easily end up crashing into a group of people off the street who become unwitting participants in the race.

    Criminal Penalties

    • Because of all these hazards, street racing is illegal in all areas. The penalties for being caught street racing can vary. In some places, the drivers may get away with just a speeding ticket, but more serious offenses can result in jail time, suspension of a driver's license and impounding the car in use.

    • ==================================
    • Street Racing and Its Dangers | Automotive for You
    • Above ^^^^Is another link on this Subject ^^^ Click 2 read

Member's, please post your thoughts ? Pro or Con



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I will still race on the streets and on the track, but one has to pick their battles and the battleground. You can't do it in traffic with innocent travelers among you. Then we only race short runs like 1/8 miles and such. No one wants to lose their car to the torch....What? You want to live forever? It will never happen, we each owe a death. All are born, we all die, some never lived........

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I race on the street and still will. It's not racing up past 100... in fact I rarely get near 100, it's usually 0-60 or 30-70 type things and it's never weaving in and out of traffic
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I raced for a bit in the mountain biking circuit back in the early 90's: downhill and X-country.
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I'm officially on break lol with the 1986 dirt monte & the 2004 monte...
The dirt monte is still in pieces getting new panels and all, & i can't afford to get it finished or race it bcuz racing gas is 6.80 a gallon up here now. & I don't have the time to finish it right now but I hope to finish her by the end of the summer so I can at least show her with the 04 once or twice.
The 04 I have raced at Gateway as you guys know and I have raced for fun on the streets but now gas is too much to be messing around and wasting gas on the street racing stuff and Gateway is shut down now so both of the montes are in racing retirement as of right now lol one day they will be back out there--stronger and more beautiful then ever
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No comment on the street racing lol & i used to run at gateway
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...Thanks to everyone that voted in the poll & made a post about their experiences & opinion on this controversial subject...We are a diverse group 4-Sure.

Below for every-one's Information:
Your choice to Race or Not
Your choices to click the below links or `not
I'm just thankful that we all have choices,
unless we get caught (then they are taken away: )
Street Racing Accidents Pictures
Racing Accidents Pictures of Race Crash, Street Racing Accidents
click link
Street Racers Revolution
Street Racing Info, Illegal Street Racing Solutions, Street Racing Cars, Movies, Info, Pictures, Stats, Accidents, and more
Click above

Click the above link

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Ive raced at the track. 5 hour drive away. There is a track 2 hours away, but its terrible and a 1/8th track. You are better off on a gravel road. I havent street raced the monte with it barely running though, but I go to the races and hang out.

If I had a track near by, I would be there every weekend honestly, be we dont.
If you are safe about street racing, nothing more can go wrong than it can just on a sunday drive on any highway.

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I raced for a while on the World's fastest quarter mile oval. Anderson Speedway. People like Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin have raced there. Kyle Busch won a race there last year. Its a high banked oval. Always too much $$ goin in and not enough coming out. Still have helmet and uniform just in case.
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