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Incidents started most likely from your ride.

Old 08-30-2011, 05:02 PM
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Default Incidents started most likely from your ride.

Have any of you been minding your own business in traffic, not doing anything aggressive or wrong and have someone just do something completely ignorant or assholeish to intentionally **** you off?

I noticed since I bought my Monte a year ago, I have a hell of alot more incidents like this then when I had my first car, a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird .

I'm sure its jealousy, I'm sure its envy. But have you guys noticed since you've been in your Monte or Mustang or whatever nice whip you have that people just wanted to mess with you more?

For instance, a couple weeks ago. I was parked at a red light, and this lifted Ford diesel comes flying by me in the left lane to turn left, as im in the middle lane to go straight. I was nowhere near him when he pulled up to the light, but the passenger just looks down towards me (cause he is on his high horse remember) with a wtf look. So im like whatever, I dont pay attention to them and I keep looking straight for the light.

The light goes green, and my windows are down, and this peice of **** floors it so his diesel smoke spreads into my cab, the side of my face, and out the other side of my car. I was furious. He did this all while stopped waiting to turn left. I looked over and gave him the finger since I was already halfway through the intersection. He was damn lucky i had somewhere to be.

I go to my buddies house and tell him all about it, with my shirt reeking of diesel smoke. He hops in my car and is like dude what happened in here? You run diesel or what?

Thats the worst one I could think of. I know people didnt do **** like this when I ran my sunturd. Coincidence? I think not.
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Can't say that anything like this happens to me. I notice that people don't get out of my way when in the Monte vs. My Tahoe. I guess the Monte is less menacing.
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I got this red mustang that messes with me in my town guess hes mad a v6 can smoke his v8 but other than that not rlly but i hate diesel ppl who do that
Old 08-30-2011, 08:33 PM
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I just ignore stupid people like that!
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Reminds me of when me and a friend were cleaning our cars to do a photoshoot and this kid in a pos jeep flys by and burns out to get dust on our cars. Then when we are talking to his friends he has the nerve to get out and stand by us. He was a scrawny little idiot. I think he got lucky he had friends lol.
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just kids wanting to race all the time I usally can blow them off with a simple rev of the engine at the light.
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When I was NA, I had a dirtymax try to blow smoke at me (I think). It's too bad he couldn't keep up with me even before I boosted the Monte, lol.
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Guess i'm lucky people don't pull up right next to me guess the tint & 20's scare them off !
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I have little ******** in WRXs and first gen Lancer Evos pull up next to me..I dont rev or nothing, just have the cutout open and they hear it lol.
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When I first got to Fort Sill, I was at a light and a Challenger pulled up next to me. Ten seconds prior, I watched a Police cruiser pull into a parking lot 50 feet in front of us. The Challenger kept revving his engine at the light and I ignored him. When the light changed, I just accelerated normally. The Challenger did a full-on John Force burnout. As I cruised past him, the cop left the parking lot and pulled him over. It was great.

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