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Illegal tint with note??

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Default Illegal tint with note??

So I went with a buddy to look at a car. And he has no tint on the front but in the back he has like 5 percent which is illegal and a 5 percent tint strip which is very big and also illegal. And he showed me a note from his doctor saying that he has sensitive eyes. He did have glasses though. I don't know if he legitimately needs it. But I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this and know if it's easy to get. Which I do have an optometrist I have bad eyes but I wear contacts. I don't know if he'd write me a note or what. I don't know if the guy had some condition or what. I don't know if you need a condition. I already have 35 tint in the front and 20 in the back. Which is illegal where i live at least the front is. I was just curious about this though
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Hi `Jesse,
I don't know if a note from a Doc would work or not... It will be interesting to read what our member's post on this topic ?

Tint laws - a medical waiver? - Police Forums & Law Enforcement ...

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Check your local laws, it varies from state to state but sometimes a medical note can excuse you. Here in NY its very tough to get one though. Most of us just tint as dark as we want and then deal with the cops/ticket if an issue arises. Gotta pay to play
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don't remember the politics policy
so I will only say #votedifferent
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Laws vary from state to state and conditions for exemption must meet defined criteria.

Here are some guidelines to qualify:

"Medical Necessity" Exemptions to Window Tint Laws

Many state vehicle window tinting laws contain exemptions for people (drivers or frequent passengers in a specific vehicle) with a valid medical or vision-related condition that requires the limitation of exposure to sunlight. Examples of medical conditions that may qualify under these exemptions are:

Sunlight allergy
Typically, if a vehicle is stopped for a window tint-related traffic violation, in order to qualify for the medical exemption and avoid a citation, the affected driver or passenger must present the law enforcement officer with documentation that:

Identifies the medical necessity (this can be a prescription or detailed letter from a medical professional);
States the specific amount of sunlight exposure (i.e. minimum percentage of light transmittance reduction) that will satisfy the medical needs of the affected driver or passenger;
Contains a prescription expiration date or permit duration;
Identifies the specific vehicle(s) to which the "medical necessity" window tint exemption applies.
Following are some examples of state-specific applications for "medical necessity" window tint exemptions:

State of Georgia Application for Exemption to the Window Tint Law (Georgia Department of Public Safety) [PDF file]
State of Vermont Application for Window Tint Medical Exemption (Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles) [PDF file]
- See more at: Window Tint Laws: The Basics - FindLaw
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Originally Posted by Leprechaun93 View Post
Most of us just tint as dark as we want and then deal with the cops/ticket if an issue arises. Gotta pay to play
X2. To the OP, do you believe you actually have a medical condition that makes your eyes hyper sensitive to light? If not, you're stuck with the above method. Sure, there's a chance you may be able to talk some shady doctor into writing you a note regardless, but is it really worth the effort?

If you legitimately have a condition, you can definitely get a note though. Doesn't prevent you from getting pulled over, but it does get you out of the ticket.
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In Missouri you can get a permit.
an they will put a sticker on you rear window.

How To Apply For A
Window Tinting Permit
1Obtain a prescription from your
physician, issued within the year,
stating the serious medical condition
that exists and the specific tint
percentage needed above the the
standard allowance of 35 percent
(plus or minus three percent for the
windows to the immediate left and
right of the driver).
2Bring your tinted vehicle(s) accompanied
with the physician’s
prescription to your local Highway
Patrol headquarters where they will
issue the permit(s).
3You may receive a permit to
keep in your vehicle with a copy
of the prescription. A sticker will
be affixed to your windshield
and a decal will be affixed to
your rear glass or bumper.
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never heard of this! but makes sense, I guess, medically! here in north florida they don't mess with you for your tint too much,but I know when Ive had mine tinted darker than legal in the back three, the shop will not put the little sticker in the door jam that states legal tint %,so your on your own when pulled over!!lol!
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I never thought it was a legal issue when tinting back windows. Some vehicles, like vans, don't even have rear windows. So why should dark tint matter in other vehicles? I'm pretty sure they don't care about rear windows in Ontario. But the cops want to at least be able to see what the driver is doing
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Here in pa we have those permits but they aren't easy to get. I saw a video here in Philadelphia where a guy did have a legit one and the cop still harassed him about it saying it's still illegal,but it actually wasn't

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