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Off Season Thread #1 - New Rules and Appeals Process

Old 11-18-2013, 05:48 AM
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Default Off Season Thread #1 - New Rules and Appeals Process

As we know, a few weeks ago controversy erupted over a rule in the MCF Fantasy league at Texas. The issue was resolved between a group of us and a compromise was reached. In part, I admit that I have too much authority over the whole rules and procedures bit. So going forward into 2014, I have decided that I will make a formal appeals process should a member feel they received an unfair penalty against them.

I have changed the rule about when posts could be made (used to be the cut off was 1 hour before green flag, now it is the moment engines fire), however, before that, we all know that I let things slide. The appeals process could have been used then.

For now, I intend to make htis a section of the MCF NASCAR Fantasy League Rules and Procedures. For when "unforeseen circumstances" arise, and I decide a penalty should be called, this will give members a chance to let a third party, someone outside of the league, hear the case and make a final decision. I want to get member input into the procedure.

1) Should there be any reason that a MCF NASCAR Fantasy participant feels a penalty was assessed against them unfairly, they may request an appeal.

2) A member of the MCF moderator staff, who must meet the following criteria, will decide the issue.

a) The moderator must not be a participant in the MCF NASCAR Fantasy League
b) The moderator must be agreed upon by both Cowboy6622, or his designee for that time, and the member making the appeal.

3) The decision of the moderator chosen by group will make a binding and final decision on the matter that will be agreed upon by both parties.

Other Rule Ideas

Let me know if you like any of these ideas for a rule.....

1) Team Captain: members will designate one of their three picks as the "team captain" each week. That drivers points, along with any points penalties acquired, will count double for that week. Should a member forget to designate a team captain, the lowest point scoring member on their team will automatically be designated as captain.

2) Chase format: I'm really reluctant to do this one. I think having Segments is more fair for members who "Come and go"... people have come in mid year and still managed to win a segment. However, should we come up with a "bonus point' system for winning races, and then we take the top 7 members or so after Richmond, and do a "reset?" PErsonally, I prefer the current format.... but I'll throw ideas out there anyway.

3) New points format: Wins and positions in the race would still be determined by whoever's three picks score the most points. However, for our scoring purposes in segments nad overall, we would score points as follows:

1st: 48 points
2nd: 42 points
3rd: 41 points

And the procedure would continue so and so forth with each member getting 1 less point. This makes it more important to finish high.

REason for such ideas as team captain and points format changes

AT Homestead, we all finished within 17 points of one another. Having a team captain and resetting points based on your position for scoring purposes may help separate us all out a little bit... plus, when one has an exceptionally bad day when all thier picks crash out or something, they don't lose the number of points they would otherwise lose in the current system.

Bear in mind, most of these things would cost me or whoever I designate to replace me more time.

And again, none of htese things, except the appeals, are guaranteed to go into effect.

Happy Off Season!
Old 11-18-2013, 07:09 AM
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The appeals process sounds good, the other rule changes i'm not crazy over. I think everything works pretty well as is.
Old 11-18-2013, 09:19 AM
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Following .
The appeals process sounds good to me also I was bit by this year but it just goes to show I still got third points over all !!
It was a mistake I made because it was the only chance I had that week to make a change I was on Vacation and not by a Pc ,but hey besides bragging rights it's not like I was out Money or anything .Its just a game people .
Thanks for a fun 2013 season I will be back next year man !!
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