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6th Gen ('00-'05): Subwoofer question

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Question Subwoofer question

I've got my car ready for a subwoofer to be put in, but I'm wondering what kind I should get for my monte carlo. I'm wanting mine put inside the trunk.
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Ive used SPL comp subs in the past and couldnt be happier.. Had two 15s at one time and will go back to them if I ever put that crap back in my car..
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The question is far too vague. What are you adding a sub for? What kind of music do you listen to? You say you've got the car ready for a sub, does that mean you've already run wiring, if so what Guage power? What is your budget?

If you're just starting out, your best bet is probably to go to a local audio shop and let them demo various setups in their demo room. Just keep in mind 2 things:
-They only carry certain brands so there is other stuff out there that may work better for you.
-The audio response in a big open room is nothing like it will be in your car. It'll just help you take the first step to seeing what you like.

I worked in car audio for about 3 years and had numerous sub setups in my monte:
-2x 10" bottom end Pioneers in a bandpass box with a Jensen amp
-Same subs mounted in the rear deck
-Changed to Earthquake dbx 12"s on a Directed 1100d first in a small sealed box, then to a custom made ported box
-Swapped the subs for 12" Hurricane Powerstrokes on an Earthquake D2 in a custom ported box.
-Swapped that setup for 2 12" Atomic ELE subs on the D2.
​​​​​-Built a custom ported fiberglass box to replace the rear seats
-Went back to a large custom trunk ported box and upgraded to an Earthquake D3 amp.

But I was into dB competitions and listening to mostly electronic music and occasional hip hop. Someone who listens to rock and wants a more balanced setup would hate what I ended up with.

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