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Any Tips on CAI

Old 05-01-2008, 06:33 PM
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Default Any Tips on CAI

Alright, My 04 Monte Carlo SS is coming along. I have had it almost two weeks now. I have 82k on it.
I have :
Flushed The trans
Changed the coolant to Global
Put some really good tires on
Threw in a PCV valve
Tossed in a cheap Air cleaner
And put some polish on it.

Now, I have looked into several kinds Cold Air Intakes. It just seems like they are lacking a little. Plexy glass seems like a ok material. Figure it won't rust or corrode.

Now if I build a box and move the computer or box it in(in the bottom)to keep it safe?
Should I make a deflector for rain behind headlight?
To build my own tube, whats the best way to put the air sensor in a tube.
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Default RE: Any Tips on CAI

you dont want a ready to go one then? the k&n units work great and no drilling or cutting required, they've been designed properly for all the cars out there, its the only unit i would run in any of my cars

making one is usually cheaper, however it can prove to be a headache too with all the mounting and moving the computer and everything

i still say thats a really wierd place to put a computer in my opinion
Old 05-02-2008, 02:15 AM
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Default RE: Any Tips on CAI

Ok from what I have found out the way I have my cold air kit by cold air inductions inc bought through mpd inc works great. I tried the cheap way from ebay it didn't work but I do have some tips.

Find a good material for the tubing the chrome metal tubing I got from ebay got way to hot. You can use your stock hose or get a tubing material that won't get hot too much. I like using my stock tubing to connect throttle body to air mass flow sensor.

Get a coupler that connects the mass air flow sensor to the air filter. the size will depend on your air filter size and mass air flow sensor. My coupler for example is 4 inch to 3.5 inch and works great.

Third build a aluminum box and put the pcm underneath but do have a cut out that lets air flow over your pcm

you can get insulation to insulate the box to help reduce heat temperature. Make a top out of aluminum and plexiglass in the middle and you will be set. It's not that hard, it takes time and trial and error. The coupler you may buy one and then have to exchange it for a different one because you may be off by half a size.

Any auto parts store does have parts to make your own intake. Pepboys and Autozone have the supplies.

Here is the web site that offers products for this project. couplers, tubing, etc.

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Default RE: Any Tips on CAI

don't do a rain deflector, the box if built correctly can protect the pcm, because on my car if i deflected the air from the headlight I would be blocking the air into my air intake. sit your pcm under the air box in the middle.

Old 05-02-2008, 02:23 AM
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Default RE: Any Tips on CAI

when I get time I will scan in the instructions that came with my intake so it shows how to install a air box and how the pcm is propery placed. I am busy with finals in school this upcoming week, so give me some time to do it. In a week or two I willpost more detail to how my set up is, it will give the right kind of idea's even thow our cars are different years
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Default RE: Any Tips on CAI

Thanks gentleman for the info. I have a lot to think about. Right now, I am selling off the mods I did to my Intrepid that I totalled. Then the plan is to pay off the credit cards and medical bill.

What I have left will determine the way I will do the CAI for sure.
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Default RE: Any Tips on CAI

i made this CAI in a few hours itcost me 65 dollars total and it only has one 22 degree bend in it. sounds good and works great. and the intake air is sealed off from the engine bay. inatke air temps are about 10-15 degrees above ambient now. now i jus need to make a small box to house the PCM

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Default RE: Any Tips on CAI

i made my own, for the setup i have right now it probaly was a total of 80 bucks and it looks great and i know it keeps the intake cooler becaue i have a craftsman temp. gun and after i get done driving it for a while when i get home i will grab the gun and test the different temps of the filter and outside of the box.
on a 60 deg day the outside of the box was 130-160 deg and the filter was 55-65 deg.

I used piping off of ebay
i used a silicone coupler from any local auto parts store
w-body store pcm tray
some plexy glass from manards

finished product

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Default RE: Any Tips on CAI

Is the throttle body 3.5" or 4" in diameter?
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Default RE: Any Tips on CAI

throttle body is going ot be meausred in mm's, probably a 65mm

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