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87' SS carb and chip questions

Old 11-03-2006, 12:21 PM
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Default 87' SS carb and chip questions

tried searching but not to many 80's style SS's, but i have an 87' SS with torque converter, dynomax exhaust, edelbrock headers, edelbrock intake manifold and a crane cam. i need an carburetor and i was looking at edelbrock. any suggestions on which one to look at. i have the 5.0L 305 motor. i was also looking into a performance chip too? any suggestions? i was looking at JET chips, but dont know what to look for. Looking for more hp and torque.
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Default RE: 87' SS carb and chip questions

if its a carb, why would it have a computer? unless its for spark.
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Default RE: 87' SS carb and chip questions

If you want to keep the car running off the ECM, you will need to stick with the original CCC Q-jet and distributer. The ECM controls timing and fuel mixture through these devices which are not reproduced in a compatable aftermarket part. The stock Q-jet is a fantastic carb and don't let anyone tell you otherwise - the small primaries and huge secondaries offer great mileage and performance in one package. The stock Q-jet can be easily modified to flow ~750cfm, but they are originally limited to 600 or so. I run the stock CCC system on my 350, as do many others. Some are even running a big block on the CCC system with a custom chip.

Performance chips aren't very useful for a CCC vehicle since the ECM is out of the loop at WOT - the carb acts like a standard carb allowing max fuel into the carb, only to be metered thereafter by the rods. I have tried a few in my car and you cannot notice a difference IMHO.

www.montecarloss.com is a much more suited resource for those interested in pre-5th gen Montes
Old 11-06-2006, 12:52 PM
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Default RE: 87' SS carb and chip questions

I agree with 85_SS on most points. The Q-Jet is an underrated carb and really does do a good job for gas milage and WOT there is no arguing that. But the Edelbrock is better.

I would specifically pick up a Performer series 750 cfm considering your intake manifold and headers. Also the Crane cam will take advantage as well. The Q-Jet can do it and without problems but I just found tuning to be easier on the Edelbrock. Vic's boys know what their doing.

As for the chip I would scrap the idea as you're asking for problems...or at least in my experience Go with a MSD Ignition system to improve spark.
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Default RE: 87' SS carb and chip questions

Carb brand is preference, and I will agree the Q-jet does take a bit more background knowledge to tune.

Just be aware that to go with a non CCC qjet, you must completely eliminate the CCC system, including the distributer. This may not be an option if you require emissions testing.
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Default RE: 87' SS carb and chip questions

if you have to keep it stock get your carb rebuilt upgrade your ignition system (msd,accel)or whatever and go with a ZZ4 prom that should work . but if you dont have to stick to stock i would go with a edelbrock carb 600-750cfm and i would change to a HEI distributor with the coil in the cap and get rid of the ECU completlely
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