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Signature series question

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Default Signature series question

I have an opportunity to buy a Dale Jr car "04". The car has a black hood with a big number 8. I have never seen one like that before, and I was wondering if it's real, or did did someone paint it black? Also the hood appears to have a satin finish. Thanks in advance! h

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Definitely didn't come that way. They were all red cars with 3 stripes down the sides.

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Talking Here is some additional information.

Here is some additional information.
The Dale Jr car from another angle

The photo I have attached with Dale E. Chevy shows the former signature series Monte Carlo they called it in 2005 the Legacy series. These cars would have had a number sticker inside like the one I have attached.
So, there could be 2 Dale Jr. Cars out there that look similar one is the GM Chevy version, and one is the Dale Chevy Version.
The Dale Chevy version will most likely have a few more features for performance. However I don't have the details on that. This was from an ad that was in the Winton Scene weekly magazine that I used to receive.
I thought it would be good reference material for the future.

Attached Thumbnails Signature series question-dale-jr-monte-.jpg   Signature series question-de-chevy0003.jpg   Signature series question-de-chevyu0001.jpg   Signature series question-%24-kgrhqn-hce0im6q7ikbnydjqlh4g%7E%7E_4.jpg  
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Uhm.. Theres one of those around where I live.. Big 8 right on the hood..

Gonna see if I can get a picture of it here in a few hours when we go do our shopping..
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I would get the VIN number then call Chevy customer service, I'll look for the number, I wrote it down somewhere but you can probably google it. They can tell you if its authentic, and what build number it is out of however many they made. I believe Dale Jr's were '03's not 04's, as a second round of Dale Sr's came out in 04. I went through some research on my Dale Sr. '02 before I bought it because some of the exterior decals and other things did not add up, but the interior did. Some owners do modify their cars ( ) as previous owners did to mine b4 I got it.
Personally, I cannot fathom why anyone would put a black hood with a number 8 on it, as Jr. never drove a black 8 car, Doesn't make sense to me.
If you do your research, Google the car and features, and authenticate the VIN you can't go wrong, in 20 years the car will well be worth it.
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Sorry for the late response. I wasn’t receiving any notification from this thread so I figured everyone was done. Upon further inspection, the car was ruined by the owner. He said the hood was pealing and it was too expensive to have it resprayed in the matching color. Also had a bunch of carbon fiber crap stuck all over the interior and holes cut in doors and decklid for speakers. Who knows what else he did!

On the brite side side it led me to a excellent condition 05 SS Supercharged with 150k. Car is like new inside and out. Thanks for everyone’s time. h

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