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6th Gen ('00-'05): Knock Retard - Timing Advance

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Default Knock Retard - Timing Advance

About 5 years ago I gave my 05 SS an upgrade: full headers, stage 2 intercooler, cam, valave springs, pully drop to 2.8, cold air intake ets; programmed my own custom tune, ran it for 80K miles of PURE enjoyment; then the double roller timing chain "broke" and repairs started... it's all back together now. I ran a few runs while scanning and I know a screen shot doesn't do justice (but this is close) I can run 1st gear to 2nd at WOT and shift just under 60 MPH with 0 Knock retard the whole period.
When I launch, I have to feather throttle till I'm rolling about 20 - 30 MPH, then I can go full WOT (wide open throttle). Timing advance is 13.5 degrees when first hitting WOT and gradually drops to 11.5 when hitting 2nd gear at about 6,400 rpms. 0 knock retard the whole time from 1st to 2nd; in 2nd I get to about 85 mph with 0 KR at 13.5 timing advance; Timing drops to 12.0 and KR goes to 1, timing further drops to 11.5, KR spikes to 1.5 and then gradually drops through out the pull from 90Mph to 99mph, THEN advance goes from 11.5 to 10.0 and KR goes from 0 to 1.7 and slowy drops till shift at 103 MPH to 3rd.

I did a 2nd run, no KR from 1st to 2nd, and a max of 0.5 KR when timing dropped from 11 to 10.5; between 2nd and 3rd. I kept WOT here and noticed that: this in sequence:
112MPH, 0 KR and 12.5 advance,
112MPH 0.8KR and 11.5 advance,
113MPH 1.8KR and 10.5 advance
114MPH 1.4KR and 11.0 advance
114MPH 1.2KR and 11
115MPH 0.9KR and 11.5 advance.

Is my KR sensor playing games in 2nd gear and beyond? I'm assuming KR is detected and that's what's pulling timing? Maybe I need 1% higher octane?

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