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Info: 2005 Tony Stewart Monte carlo

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Default 2005 Tony Stewart Monte carlo Fuel Pump access

Hey guys brand new and started doing car work recently. New to all this.

I'm trying to find my fuel pump. Read online there's an access panel in the trunk, but I pulled the carpet between the spare tire and the backseat and see nothing. No bolts to anything that looks like an access panel.

Thinking maybe the Tony Stewart doesn't have this for some reason ..? Anyone know? Thanks guys.

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Default Update

So the video i saw showed a bolted panel right where this pic has the oval and no bolts. So I'm screwed on having the easy panel access huh?

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Tony Stewart is a "trim" package as far as I know...
take a look at that, pretty sure it's the same for all of our cars... ;-)
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Default Re:

Are you saying i need to remove the metal in the picture to get to the access panel...?

Thanks for the reply and the video, that was the video I watched but it seemed like the panel was there right beneath the carpet...? Maybe I'm missing something
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Default Re:

I checked again. It's straight metal and no way to get beneath it.

My options seem to be drop the tank or cut it.

My buddy said he would help me cut it. Is it safe to use that oval in the picture as my guide...?

What do you guys recommend ?

Is it difficult to drop the tank...? Other things need to be taken off for access ..?

If I cut it any suggestions on how to properly seal the cut..?

Thanks guys, much love <3
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It may not make you feel any better, but having the panel doesn't necessarily make it easier. I had the panel in my Aurora. The panel was waaaaay in the front of the car, and the bolts had apparently been tightened by an air wrench (not factory--I didn't have the factory pump), so I had to pay someone to replace it anyway.
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That sucks. Didn't make me feel much better but

Any recommendation on

1) which fuel pump to get...?

2) Whether I should drop the gas tank or do a custom cut and how to seal a custom cut...?

Sorry, thanks guys <3
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Just jack and support the car with stands and remove the gas tank. Its not that hard of a project. Good luck
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Awesome thanks man !
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Holy crap! So reading this thread and looking at the pics, I hit the shop books.
In 2004, there is an access cover in the trunk. Shop manual tells you to do that to change the pump.
In 2005, the shop books says NOTHING of that access hatch! They do in fact have you drop the tank! Looks like they have some "quick" connects for the fuel supply, return and vapor lines just rear of the fuel filter.

Dang..... Wonder why the change....

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