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Old 07-02-2014, 10:49 AM
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Sorry to bring this back to life. A friend of mine is installing these headers on his Monte and I recommended to him to buy the band clamps from Zzp as I did but forgot the size For the speed daddy set up what size for its band clamps do u need. Stock size. Also any flanges aside from the headers?
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Old 07-02-2014, 12:19 PM
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I have Doug Thorley's on my 06 SS the down pipe was 3"

A lot to be said fore ceramic coated headers as they do not rust, discolor and are mainteance free. My installer did not use clamps but welded the joints and seams
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Old 07-03-2014, 06:35 PM
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I blew out a band clamp about a month ago... 2nd time; depending on how much HP you are cranking, welding, or at least spot welding might be recommended. (unless you like your Monte sounding like a stock car... :P lol )
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Old 09-30-2016, 09:56 PM
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whats nice about s and s is they fit 95-99 almost perfect
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Old 10-01-2016, 08:22 AM
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First I've looked at this thread. I've got a few comments

Originally Posted by Budsjlm View Post
If you do want to run 110 octane LEADED gas you cannot have a cat.
Even without a cat, you still shouldn't run leaded gas. It kills O2 sensors very quickly. There are some brands that are more tolerant than others, but they will die fast from lead.

On the topic of cats- in general most people aren't going to gain any power over a modern, high flow cat by going cat less.

If this is not working because the slip connection is very close to a collector or something that is not perfectly round, try wrapping it TIGHTLY with header wrap.
Wrapping a leaking connection won't fix the leak, it will only muffle the noise. If you're having mismatch issues, use a tubing expander to get them both round and with the proper stagger in size.

Band clamps - Napa is the most popluar place to get band clamps for slip connections.
Torca is a popular brand. Don't buy cheap band clamps! Typically the ones that come with the eBay headers are junk.

What you need for a torquier more responsive engine is EXHAUST VELOCITY. A smaller pipe gives you more velocity then a bigger pipe so you need to figure out how much air your motor is going to flow.
Since most people buying headers have an L67, don't buy S&S. Everything else (other than ultra rare TOG Big Dogs) are either 1 5/8 or 1 3/4 and will be fine for any L67. Don't worry about calculating air flow or any crap like that.

Header Wrap A cloth like substance you can wrap around exhaust parts.
Also keep in mind that header wrap can crack welds. If the weld is poor to start off with or you've just got too much wrap over one, it can cause the weld to fail.

Spark plug wire concerns Your headers may now touch the spark plugs boots, you need some sort of heat shield/sleeve to protect them. Usually it touches on just 2 or 3 plugs.
The plug wires shouldn't touch the headers ever. The primaries get very hot close to the head and will melt the wire. If your wires are touching, get different wires, some have repositionable ends that can be angled.

Pacesetter / OBX Headers
Keep in mind that older real Pacesetters had a know quality issue with a big mismatch in pipe size at the Y pipe. They were near impossible to seal. If you buy some, check ID with a caliper and expand out the smaller tube if they're too far apart.

TOG Headers / Tog Extremes
Regular TOG headers are 1 5/8 with a 3" downpipe. Extemes are 1 3/4 with a 3" downpipe. Big Dogs are 2" primaries with a 3" crossover and 4" down pipe.

These are made of relatively thick gauge steel, especially compared to the eBay SLP knockoff headers. The rear crossover connection is a pain to install because of its location down low in the back.

S&S Headers

Smaller 1 5/8" primaries AND a 2.5" downpipe these are not considered "optimal" headers for Supercharged 3800's, they are much better for N/A setups.
S&S are 1 1/2" primary if I remember right.

One last note that isn't mentioned above - 5th gen montes have a hump mid firewall in the upper downpipe area that interferes with most headers. 5th gen owners beware- a header install can become a big project as you may need to pound the firewall with a hammer or cut out the bump entirely.

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