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Old 01-09-2010, 02:09 PM
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Default wheel bolt pattern

since there been alot of post if certain wheel will fit the monte carlo, well i found this bolt pattern list and thought i post it up so everybody stop asking the wheel fitment question over and over. not every cars are listed btw.

Cars with 5x115 bolt pattern

Buick Century 97-05
Buick Cyclone 93-95
Buick La Crosse 05-07
Buick Le Sabre 93-05
Buick Lucerne CX 06-07
Buick Lucerne CXL - CXS 06-07
Buick Park Avenue 92-05
Buick Regal 92-04
Buick Rendezvous CX - CX 2WD 4WD 02-07
Buick Riviera 95-99
Buick Terraza CX CXL AWD 05-07
Cadillac CTS 03-07
Cadillac DE VILLE 94-05
Cadillac DTS 06-07
Cadillac DTX 97-99
Cadillac EL DORADO 92-03
Cadillac Seville 92-97
Cadillac Seville 98-04
Cadillac STS 05-07
Cadillac STS 05-07
Chevrolet Equinox LS LT 2WD 4WD 05-07
Chevrolet Impala LS - LT - LTZ 00-07
Chevrolet Impala SS 06-07
Chevrolet Lumina 91-02
Chevrolet Malibu 97-03
Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS - LT - LTZ 95-07
Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 05-07
Chevrolet Uplander LS - LT 2WD - AWD 05-07
Chevrolet Venture 97-05
Chrysler 300 - 300C AWD 05-07
Dodge Charger AWD SXT -RT 2007
Dodge Magnum AWD 05-07
Oldsmobile Alero 99-04
Oldsmobile Aurora 00-03
Oldsmobile Aurora 95-99
Oldsmobile Intrigue 98-03
Oldsmobile Silhouette 94-04
Pontiac Aztek 01-05
Pontiac Bonneville 92-05
Pontiac Grand AM 99-05
Pontiac Grand Prix 97-03
Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 06-07
Pontiac Grand Prix Sedan - GT 04-07
Pontiac Montana 2005
Pontiac Montana 99-04
Pontiac Torrent FWD - AWD 0-6
Saturn Relay 05-07
Saturn Vue FWD - AWD 02-07
Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid 2007
Saturn Vue Redline 05-07
Suzuki XL-7 Luxury Limited 2007

TT 5x100
A4 / S4 5x112
A4 '02 (B6) 5x112
S4 Avant '04 (B6) 5x112
S4 Sedan '04 (B6) 5x112
Avant 5x112
Allroad 5x112
A6 / S6 5x112
A8 / S8 5x112
Older Big Cars 5x112
80/90 4x108

2002 4x100
Mini Cooper 4x100
E21 & E30 4x100
Z3 5x120
Roadster 5x120
3-Series (E36 '95-'99) 5x120
5-Series (E34 '88-'96) 5x120
5-Series '97+ 5x120
540i 5x120
6-Series 5x120
7-Series '78-02 5x120
7-Series '95-02 5x120
8-Series 5x120
X5 5x120

CTS 5x115
Seville / Eldo / etc5 x115
Escalade 6x139

Cavalier 5x100
Impala pre '00 5x127
Impala '00+ 5x115
Monte Carlo 5x115
Camaro '82-92 5x120.65
Camaro '93+ 5x120.65
Corvette C4 5x120.65
Corvette C5/Z06 5x120.65
Corvette C5 50th Anniv. 5x120.65
Blazer 5x120.65
1500 Pickup 6x139.7
Avalanche 6x139.7
Tahoe / Yukon 6x139
Suburban 1500 pre '99 5x127
Suburban 1500 2x4 '00+ 6x139

Neon '96+ 5x100
PT Cruiser 5x100
Sebring Conv 5x100
Crossfire 5x112
Sebring Coupe 5x114.3
300M/Concord/Intrepid 5x114.3
Caravan '96+ 5x114.3
Dakota pre '96 5x114.3
Dakota '96+ 6x114.3
Durango 6x114.3
1500 Pickup 5x139.7

Lanos 4x100
Nubira 4x100
Leganza5 x114.3

Talon / Eclipse 5x114.3

308 5x108
Testarossa 5x108

Escort 4x100
Crown Victoria 5x108
Focus 4x108
Taurus 5x108
T-Bird '02+ 5x108
Windstar 5x108
Mustang 5x114.3
Explorer / Sportrac 5x114.3
Explorer '03+ 5x114.3
Escape 5x114.3
Freestar 5x114.3
F150 / Expedition 5x135
F150 Lightning 5x135
Expedition '03+ 6x135

Jimmy 5x120.65
Yukon/Denali 6x139
Yukon XL 6x139

ACCORD 82-89 4X100
ACCORD 90-96 4X114.3
ACCORD EX,LX,WAGON 90-97 4X114.3
ACCORD 98- 4X114.3
ACCORD (V-6) 98- 5X114.3
CIVIC 80-96 4X100
CIVIC, EX 89-on 4X100
CRX SI 86-91 4X100
CRX,PRELUDE 89- 91 4X100
DEL SOL, V-TECH 92-on 4X100
DEL SOL 93-97 4X100
INSIGHT 01-on 4X100
PRELUDE 92-96 4X114.3
PRELUDE SI 86-91 4X100
PRELUDE SI 92-96 4X114.3
PRELUDE, V-TECH 97-01 5X114.3
S2000 99-on 5X114.3
CR-V 97-on 5X114.3

Tiburon 5x114.3

G35 '03+ 5x114.3
I30 5x114.3

XJ 5x120.65
XJS 5x120.65
X Type 5x108
S Type 5x108

Liberty 5x114.3
Cherokee pre '02 5x114.3
Cherokee '02+ 5x127

Discovery V8 5x120.65

IS300 5x114.3
GS300/400 5x114.3
LS400 5x114.3
RX300 5x114.3

Continental 5x108
LS 5x108
Navigator 5x135
Navigator '03+ 6x135

Esprit V8

Miata 4x100
Tribute 5x114.3
Mx-3 4X100

Older SL 5x112
Newer SL5 x112
SLK 5x112
ML Class 5x112
C Class 5x112
S/CL500 5x112
CLK 5x112
E Class 5x112
Older 140 5x112

Cougar 4x108
Sable 5x108
Grand Marquis 5x114.3
Mountaineer 5x114.3
Mountaineer '03+ 5x114.3

Mini Cooper 4x100

Mirage 4x100
Lancer 4x114.3
Galant '99+ 5x114.3
Diamante 5x114.3
Eclipse 5x114.3
3000GT 5x114.3
Montero 6x139.7

Sentra 4x100
350Z 5x114.3
Altima 5x114.3
Maxima 5x114.3
Titan 6x139
Exterra 6x139.7
Pathfinder 6x139

Alero 5x115
Aurora 5x115
Voyager 5x114.3

VIBE 5x100
Grand Prix 5x115
Firebird '82-92 5x120.65
Firebird '93+ 5x120.65

Porsche 5x130
Cayenne 5x130

Older 4-Lug 4x108
9-3 & '94+ 900 5x110
9-5 5x110

S Series 4x100
L Series 5x110
Vue 5x114.3

WRX & STi 5x100
Subaru WRX STi bolt: 5 x 114.3 offset: +53

Corolla 4x100
Prius 4x100
Matrix 5x100
Celica 5x100
Solara 5x114.3
Camry 5x114.3
S Runner 5x114.3
RAV 4 5x114.3
Tacoma 5x114.3
Highlander 5x114.3
Tacoma 6x114.3
4 Runner 6x139.7
Sequoia 6x139.7
Landcruiser 6x139.7
Tundra/T100 6x139.7

All 4 Lug VWs 4x100
Beetle '99+ 5x100
Jetta 5x100
Golf 5x100
Passat '98+ 5x112
Eurovan 5x112
Older Vanagon 5x112
Touareg 5x130

Older Models 5x108
S40 4x114.3
S60 5x108
S70 5x108
C70 5x108
S80 5x108
XC 90 5x108

bolt pattern cross reference


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Old 01-09-2010, 02:45 PM
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Good call. No more of the "will camaro rims fit my car???" question. Hopefully.
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Old 01-09-2010, 04:46 PM
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Good thread. Let's make this a sticky.
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Old 01-09-2010, 05:47 PM
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Old 01-09-2010, 08:33 PM
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i am one of the unfortanant camero rims on my car people =p this does help lol
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Old 02-05-2010, 11:33 PM
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does that bolt pattern apply to 4th gens?
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Old 02-05-2010, 11:58 PM
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i don't know the 4th gen bolt pattern, but i think they are different. this apply to the 5th, 6th and 7th gen.
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Old 02-16-2010, 12:02 AM
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Add these to the OP list:
Beretta '87-96 5X100
Corsica '87-96 5X100

Cirrus '95-00 5X100
Daytona '85-93 5X100
Stratus '95+ 5X100
Lancer '85-89 5X100
New Yorker '85-93 5X100
Spirit '89-95 5X100

Achieva '92+ 5X100
Firenza '88 5X100

tC 5X100

... and many more.
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Old 02-16-2010, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by TheMonteCarloKid View Post
does that bolt pattern apply to 4th gens?
Originally Posted by silverbullitt View Post
i don't know the 4th gen bolt pattern, but i think they are different. this apply to the 5th, 6th and 7th gen.
Gens 1-4 should all be 5X120.7
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Old 04-13-2010, 12:36 PM
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I don't have time to research this today, I'm in the process of upgrading my 03' SS to an 06' SS. I found an 06' SS black with Silver ground effects with 5000 miles. The mileage totally blew my mind, anyways, I'm making an offer tonight but need to know if my custom 18" Boss 328 rims that I currently have on my 03' will fit on the 06'. I'm sure the bolt pattern and offset are the same but I don't want to be surprised after I buy the car. Can anyone verify this for me ? Thanks.
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