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SS vs 5.0L Capri

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Default SS vs 5.0L Capri

Yet another weird *** car raced me today.

This one was a white, 1980s Mercury Capri RS with the 5.0. I followed him for a bit in traffic and we got a light. I was in the Dirty Carlo of course. No nitrous, on a 3.4 pulley with 16* of timing. My car has full exhaust now (headers/downpipe/cat-back), ported blower/lower intake, bigger throttle body, bigger MAF, high ratio rockers, blah blah blah it's got a bunch of mods now.

I'd seen it had some big meats on it- at the light I looked over and the ****ing guy is strapped into a racing seat with a 5-point! He's sitting there camming away and I'm thinking I bet off more than I could chew.

Next thing I knew, a local cop comes out of no where and is setting in the left turn lane opposite from us! He gets the green arrow and rolls past us real slow, giving us the evil eye. I figured the race was off. I'm watching the cop roll towards some buildings in shopping plaza when the light drops and the Capri pulls out.

I roll out too, keeping just in front of the Capri... Sure enough, the Capri hits it at about 35 MPH. I was ready and nailed it, praying the cop was behind the buildings and out of sight.

The Capri jumped even with me, but I got my downshift to first- 35 is THE best speed for my car to race from as I downshift to 1st and my converter spins up hard- my converter flashed, my blower screamed, and I pulled a solid car on him right away. After I shifted into 2nd, he pulled even with me and started to inch on me, then shifted and fell back to my bumper. As I got to the top of second (85ish MPH) he was pulling even with me again, then shifted and fell back to my bumper again. My crapmatic shifted into 3rd and pulled up to my door and hung there. We were now coming up on traffic and he let off first right at my door. I was doing ~110.

We got stuck at another light down the road and chatted for a second- super cool guy, 45-50ish. He told me his Capri had headers and a cam. It sounded real good. He never asked what was in my car, I think he thought I was an LS1 or something. Real cool dude, real fun race, suprised that my car pulled it through- the cop helped me, cause if the guy could've launched he would've had me for sure.
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Be careful out there! Congratulations though... Those Capri's are no joke. A 5.0 in a different body can still be FAST.
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I hate to say it but I'd give my left nut for a 5.0 Capri. Yes, I have Blue Oval blood in my veins but I still love my Monte!
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Nice race! Those 35 MPH WOTS are the best kind of races!
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...You painted a great picture in my mind with your words, but please try to record it next time `OK

It's great that the cop didn't notify one of his buddies down the road to keep a eye on you WoW....

It's always a risk to race on the streets, but it's so difficult to resist when someone is next to you @ a red light : ) Great to read that it was a safe race & a win...
I learned the hard way & got caught street racing...& I am still paying 4 it...Lesson learned 4 me, and I will take it to the track (I think) until someone pulls next to me @ the light & rev's their engine....
Be Smart/Safe `Ok & thanks for your racing story : )
(Another win 4 Monte's: )

p.s. We don't condone Street Racing on the MCF, but no one seems to listen to us, and especially some weird kid from `Space : )<~4-Sure : )

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