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7th Gen ('06-'07): Body work

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Default Body work

I recently got into a accident with my 07 monte ss, me & my friends have slowly put it back together, i just need driver side moulding & front spoiler.. Does anyone know where i can get those parts for a decent price, the dealer wants a arm & leg.
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Scour the junk yards, and good luck to you. I have only ever seen one 7th Gen in a yard, and it was an LT, which is worthless for what you want. The side skirts on a 6th Gen are the same, but High Sports seem to have been almost as rare as our cars.

(On that note: why do people here seem to think these cars will never have collectible value? There were only 14 k 7th Gen SS's made. Fourteen thousand. Those are Aston Martin numbers.)
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That could be a tough one. I had a similar issue on my Grand Prix GXP when the front bumper cover got damaged. Dealer new was like $1200 at the time + paint, and it was very hard to find anything in junkyards / ebay as the production numbers are so much lower than the regular models.

Are the original parts beyond repair? I was able to fix my stock front bumper via plastic welding. Still had to paint it, but it was far better than buying some aftermarket garbage that didn't fit right and was far cheaper than a new one from the dealer.

My other suggestion would be posting up WTB threads on all of the major monte boards to see if you can find someone doing a part out. May take some time, especially to find someone close enough to not get killed on shipping.

Originally Posted by 96z34man View Post
(On that note: why do people here seem to think these cars will never have collectible value? There were only 14 k 7th Gen SS's made. Fourteen thousand. Those are Aston Martin numbers.)
Low production numbers (not that 14k is super low for just a single trim level) don't automatically make something valuable or collectible though. It's not like the factory intentionally limited production on them to make then rare, there just wasn't enough demand to warrant making more. Also, it's an apples to oranges comparison between an Aston and a Chevy. There are numerous cars that sold poorly in the US that won't become collector cars just because they sold poorly.

I wouldn't necessarily say they'll NEVER have some collector value, although they're certainly not going to be the next Hemi Cuda. My issue is that the 6th gen limited edition models haven't proven to do all that well for collectors so I don't see why a 7th gen would do drastically better. I've seen numerous near zero mile 6th gen limited edition models go through auction and struggle to even get back to their original sticker price (which still represents a loss to the collector when you factor in inflation over those 15+ years and the cost to store and maintain in their climate controlled collection).

I think there are a few main reasons why they don't do well:
-They don't fit into the major collector car groups (pre-war antique collectors, muscle car collectors, exotic collectors, etc).
-With much of the older generation, slapping the SS logo on anything FWD is an automatic turnoff, even if it is faster than a 60s something SS. Alienating a big group of the current market will hurt values.
-The cars aren't historically significant. They have no racing pedigree, they didn't signal the dawn of a new Era, they weren't an unusal one off model etc etc. There really aren't any major wbody collectors or anything like that.

Don't get me wrong, I do think if someone had a mint near zero mile one and held onto it for a long time, they might make a little money some day. But IMO it's too big of a risk when there are cars out there that will almost certainly become valuable collectibles (say a C6 427 convertible, a COPO Camaro, a Demon, etc). It just doesn't make sense to deal with the hassle of preserving and storing it for the long term with so little potential for returns. May as well just drive it and enjoy it IMO.

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