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Default Picks/Kansas/SunAfternoon

Here we go... another 1.5 mile cookie cutter.... like the Chase needs more of them!!

Points, Intro, and Congratulatory Remarks

Our top 2 in Segment points are there because they have made the same picks in 2 races... but they're the right 3 picks to make. The guys who won both of hte races so far, and with Kansas coming up, they may very well win the third....

Congrats to carlm54stl for winning at Dover, and congrats to butch049 and carlm54stl for leading the Segment points.

I still lead the overall points, but it seems like a "changing of the guard" is going on for 2nd. Talladega still looms large out there to shake up everything for us here on the forum...

Overall points:

1) Cowboy6622 2806 Leader
2) BlazedSS 2718 -88
3) MnteCrloSS47 2713 -93
4) SupplySgt 2689 -117
5) Leprechaun93 2681 -125
6) STUMPMI 2677 -129
7) monte carlo 3831 2639 -167
8) SSmeansSuperSexy 2636 -170
9) butch049 2628 -178
10) Ricks 2006 SS 2621 -185
11) 77GP 2615 -191
12) 02 Earnhardt 2576 -230
13) carlm54stl 2560 -246
14) zjerry 2531 -275
15) RocknSS04 2057
16) 03JGMonte 1915
17) silverfish33 1835
18) KCFITZ78 1266

Segment 4 Points:

1) butch049 258 Leader
2) carlm54stl 258 Leader
3) SSmeansSuperSexy 236 -22
4) BlazedSS 230 -28
5) Ricks 2006 SS 227 -31
6) monte carlo 3831 219 -39
7) SupplySgt 217 -41
8) STUMPMI 210 -48
9) KCFitz78 209 -49
10) 02 Earnhardt 206 -52
11) Cowboy6622 202 -56
12) zjerry 197 -61
13) Leprechaun93 184 -74
14) MnteCrloSS47 173 -85
15) 77GP 159 -99

This Week in Kansas

There are so many things to look at this week. For one, Good Year is bringing back another version of the "new generation" tire that was last run in Atlanta. If we look at that race, Matt Kenseth and Jimmie Johnson struggled, while Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards, and Joey Logano were dominant. However, Kenseth and Johnson were both in "experiment mode" or something at the time.... and both flipped a switch when the chase started at Chicago.

So we have to look at practice this week and see how everything looks.... this tire was exciting in Atlanta though!


Hendrick Motorsports

Jimmie Johnson is and always has been great at Kansas. He and Chad are two of the best at adapting to new things, so you have to think Jimmie will be as solid as usual this week.

Jeff Gordon is running well since the Chase started.. but is just so far back in the first place without any bonus points nad not beating the 48, 20, and 18.

Kasey has run well on these flat 1.5's this year... but he also has crashed a lot of cars and had a lot of mechanical sisues.

Dale Jr is running okay... had some bad luck at Chicago and all. However, he still has only won 2 races in 4 years!


Kevin Harvick is quietly logging top 10's and putting together another decent chase effort. That won't win races on this forum though.

Stewart Haas

Newman is quietly logging off those top 10's... that won't win races on this forum either.

Earnhardt Ganassi

I'm watching Jamie Mac... every year, a driver enters the Chase who is not in the Chase, but has a good Chase despite not being there... like Kasey Kahne in 2011, Kyle Busch in 2012... Jamie Mac in 2009.... Joey in 2010.... Jamie is quietly logging top 10's and putting together decent finishes. Plus, Kansas is his home track.

Jamie ran 7th here in the spring... might be worth looking at....

Furniture Row

The little team that could always finds a way to sccrew it up... ironically, they have a shorter commute to "work" this week than eveyrone else, being out of Denver....



Kyle Busch won the only race run so far on this tire, and ahd a great race.. plus Kenseth seems to be the only man to win these flatter banked 1.5's this year. That makes this duo hard to bet against.

Hamlin messed it up again in Dover... just isn't worth betting on anymore...

Michael Waltrip

Seriously? Martin Truex is okay here... and racing for a job... Bowyer is decent here and a "hometwon boy..." but there is the moral side too...



At one time in Atlanta, Brad K and Joey Logano ran 1-2. Brad K lost the engine, Joey ran 2nd. Joey is good on 1.5's this year nad that makes him hard to bet against.


Something is just missing... Greg Biffle is running alright, and Edwards seems to do well on "obscure" tracks like Phoenix and Richmond... but something is just missing from this team right now.....

My Picks

Hard to go against these guys in my opinion... so many good ones to take, but I have to shake it up and pick someone I think will help me beat the 18, 48, and 20 combo if one has a problem...

1) Matt Kenseth
2) Jimmie Johnson
3) Kevin Harvick

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1. #48 Jimmie Johnson
2. #18 Kyle Busch
3. #20 Matt Kenseth
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Kyle Busch
Kevin Harvick
Dale Jr

I'll have to think about this and if I want to change or not.

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1. Dale Jr
2. Jimmie Johnson
3. Martin Truex Jr

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Good evening! I had some Friends tell me not to pick off Shore cars for my picks. Some have said not to pick this guy or that guy cause they don't like him or what ever reason. But this is a game of sorts. I don't care for some I pick either. But I'm tryin to Win. Not play kissy face with them. Jr is cool in my Book. Love to hang out with him. But he hasn't Won a race lately! I expect more out of him. But he's not doing it. I pick the guys who I think can win that weekend. It's all LUCK on my picks. But here's this weeks picks for me like it or NOT! get over it ..........Matt Kenseth
Kyle Busch
Jimmie Johnson.
that my story and I'm stickin to it

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