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New points/race format

Old 01-24-2017, 10:30 AM
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Default New points/race format

Well, NASCAR announced last night a new race format that will allow drivers to rack up more season points by winning a given stage. It'll also give bonus points that will apply to the playoffs (it's no longer called the Chase). My understanding is the first chance to gain points will come during the duals.

I have no clue yet how I'm going to treat this as far as scoring the MCF league; I need some more time to digest it. The idea that a non winning car can earn more overall points than the race winner doesn't really sit right with me. The end of race points structure will change as well. Race winner will get 40 for winning the race, second 35, third 34, and on from there. My understanding is positions 36-40 will earn one point apiece.

The two main routes I'm considering as far as scoring goes are either solely going by end of race points, or adding up all the points won during the segments as well. I'm leaning towards end of race points for simplicity's sake, but am open to other options as well if that's what y'all want.

Old 01-24-2017, 11:52 AM
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Rules. Too many dang rules!

How is the layman at home supposed to follow all these intricate scoring details? I remember when cars used to race to a line and the first one there won. Over officiating began quite a while ago (started losing me at the inception of "the lucky dog") and NASCAR never takes a step back and says "That didn't work there - let's go back". If it don't work, they add another rule. Patchwork on patchwork. Now it's unwatchable and we just trust that what NASCAR said happened really happened.

How you going to double check those numbers in your pool? Rewind the PVR and check where each driver was at lap 100, 200 and 400? Or trust the point tally NASCAR tells you? Seems almost as easy to manipulate as the current pit row penalty system.

NASCAR is trying to do the right thing. But they still ain't listening.
Old 01-24-2017, 06:43 PM
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Aside from the fall Martinsville race I attended, I can count on one hand how many hours of NASCAR I watched after the qualifying for last years Daytona 500. I have no plans to attend any races this year. I have found more joy in developing my own racing skills and worrying more about on track etiquette than the circus!

Speaking of hwich, I think that's why Ringling Bros are out of bid'ness now. They couldn't compete with the US President or NASCAR.

And where are these fans that NASCAR keeps insisting wanted this? We wanted the double file restarts, we wanted less aero, tha'ts about it. I still follow a few NASCRAP pages on Facebook and everyone is pissed, yet everyone keeps watching.

HEre's how you fix the problem - quit watching. NASCAR at some point will have to be brought to it's knees. The end is nye. Ratinsg were down 20% last year. And instead of trying to fix the problem, they keep going further down the wrong roads. In 10 years NASCAR will be back to racing at Orange County Speedway and South Boston Speedway and running those $55 shocks again.

If anyone is interested in my HPDE.... I ran one session at VIR so my fast lap was kind of a "dirty" one but CMP was good.
Old 01-25-2017, 06:35 PM
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All ya all took the words out of my mouth on NASCAR, I watched the Daytona 500 and part of the Old Winston all star race. When my driver was out for the season I gave it up. I used to watch this every Sunday and taped each race and never got tired of it.
Today it's all about the Toyota teams and I could care less. Nascar did the best they could to alienate the FANS and they were successful.
I would usually do one or more races each year but now I have no desire. In 2010 I was trying to get tickets and rooms in KC and it was difficult. This last year I was in KC just before the race and had no trouble getting a room and didn't have to move before the weekend or anything. But I wasn't there for racing I was there for work.
Soon the sponsor's will get the drift and if you want to race your car it will be old school stuff like back in the 50's and 60's
Old 01-31-2017, 01:29 PM
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I think part of the issue is people like us are in the minority. We like our marathons, but our contemporaries have the attention span of a goldfish, and if something isn't blowing up or crashing every 10 seconds, they lose interest. Sadly, soon fans like us will be extinct like the dinosaurs. Duane and I are about the same age, and I'm convinced that we're exceedingly rare for our generation.

Speaking of racing though, I need to get the Camaro going again and find a road course to play with. It's been a long time since I've tried my hand at pushing the envelope in a car, and I have that itch.

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