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6th Gen ('00-'05): Fog light addition.

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Default Fog light addition.

So, I got my 2005 Monte Carlo LS in October, we found out a little after i got it that it was in some sort of a wreck. Around a month ago the bumper started to hang off, so we went to Pull 'n Save and got a 2002 SS bumper with fog lights, we were able to attach the bumper itself easily but I was hoping that we could connect the fog lights as well. I got the button for them but my vehicle doesn't have the wiring harness or the fog light relay. So I was wondering what would be the easiest way to connect them?
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You can use a 611T and a Relay because most Fog lamps will need to be powered over a Relay. IF it was a latching switch you wouldn't need the 611T. However because it only makes a connection as long as your pushing on the button you need the DEI 611T. It is a latching setup with other functions as well. But for your use it would need to be set in latching mode... Can find them on Ebay for around 20 or less...


Edit: Thought I would say may want to look at your cars wiring just to make sure the options isnt in there. If you look at BCM connector 3 B7 for an Orange wire, Then Connector 1 B2 dark green/white. The B2 one would go to the normal location for Fog Relay under hood box. You might be able to get it to work as it from factory. B7 would be a ground Signal in to the BCM and the B2 would be ground out to the control side of your fog lamp relay.

However if your not wanting to look over that and want to just wire in your switch and buy a 611T to get it working that may be the safer way so you don't have to worry about the BCM. However you will want to wire itin a way that your Fogs go off when your High beams come on if you care about the laws in that matter...

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I hope you guys don't mind me sharing this, it comes from impalaforums Adding fog lights - Chevy Impala Forums

A few posts down Don Mateo shared some links. Since you're going to me an engineer I know you can put things together.

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Ok, So no extra wiring it looks like by looking over the post. Taking out the wiring and box could be the way to go but I think there is more there that wasn't talked about. Seeing they didn't offer anything about BCM or the wiring inside. I can't draw very well but I thought I would draw out the setup for the 611T. Only thing is if you wanted to have it work with your Head lights lows and off with your highbeams I would take the Relay Ground and use the ground from your Low beams.

On the Switch for the Fog lamps you can connect up A and D and it will work. Only problem without connecting the rest is it won't have light on when you turn it on or light up with the lights if you don't connect them. All I am saying is without connecting the OEM/factory wiring you can make the switch work push to turn on and push to turn off using the 611T just wouldn't be 100% factory looking.

Please be sure to check all wiring to make sure it is working right. This information is how something could be done. I have done the best I could without being there in front of your car to set up how I would do it if I needed to. Also when installing a 611T please double check the dips to know for sure that they are set with right trigger + to -. I have installed a few dozen of these over the past many years.

No matter what way you go to do the install of your New Fogs, I would post some info or even Pictures if you can to help others that may come to the site looking to do the same thing. Hope you find some of this helpful. I will try and answer any questions you have about the drawing

In the drawing for the Relay I have a IN4004 on there because they are the ones that I buy from DEI parts. You can use the IN4001 diode if that is what you have. Either one will work.


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