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Default turbonator???

in you guys' opinion, to anyone who has thought about, gotten, or didn't get because they thought about it.... do you think the "Turbonator" actually works? if they work as well as they say they do, they could pretty much make a cool air intake useless.. just pop in 3 of those to your air hose, and you get 55 more hp, plus 33% fuel economy boost. to me, it sounds like bull****. but maybe i can get a couple more opinions on it.
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Default RE: turbonator???

P.T. Barnum said it best: "There's a sucker born every minute!"
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Default RE: turbonator???

[align=center]OH NO!!!!![/align][align=center]NOT ANOTHER[/align][align=center]TURBONATOR[/align][align=center]THREAD!!!!!![/align][align=center][/align]

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Default RE: turbonator???

you would do just as well to put a mosquito in your intake and call that a forced air induction system
useless craptastic piece of metal.
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Default RE: turbonator???

Turbonator?!?!?!? I'm confused. Is that the thing that's kind of like a Tornado, the piece of aluminum with fins or the turbocharger you hook to your battery?

Eitehr way, it's ****. Both do the same thing. They both block airflow to the engine and hinder performance AND fuel mileage. We used to have a Tornado on the Suburban... got 2 miles less per gallon.
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Default RE: turbonator???

haha.. well im an idiot anyways.. i bought one, couple dollars... guess ill try it out and come back to here to bash the ****.. anyone know of a good cool air to go with?? K&N has never done me wrong with any other car, but sometimes theres always better bang for your buck.
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Default RE: turbonator???

k and n is good wizaired is good as well...and idk if id out that piece of metal in, if its what i think it is u better hope a chunk doesnt break off and end up in ur engine cuz theres nuttin stoppin it if it breaks
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Default RE: turbonator???

good pointer.. 'ppreciate it

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Default RE: turbonator???

Myself and member Couch bought an intake off from eBay from a company called "inSys". It's just a short pipe off the TB with a cone filter and a bung hole for the intake air temp sensor...It gives the car an awesome sound and when I drove to take my law enforcement exam I drove 144 miles and averaged 32 mpg on the highway. In a Gen 5 husky MC, that's not too bad from a 3800. It was $40 out the door. I was looking at a K&N, but the wife said no...lol. I got the other instead and I love it. VERY easy install too.
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Default RE: turbonator???

I always look at it like this..

If it was really that good, for that cheap, the car companies would have installed it already.

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