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Advice needed on Exhaust/Muffler issue.

Old 11-13-2017, 02:42 PM
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Question Advice needed on Exhaust/Muffler issue.

Hey everyone, new member and first thread, so bear with me.

So, I have a 2004 Monte Carlo SS 3.8L. This poor Monte was purchased from the previous owner who had completely neglected all basic maintainence and just rode her ragged. Through time, effort, and some TLC, its in good shape again.

Now, after searching around and coming up empty handed, the newest problem I have is that not 1, but both of my mufflers have rusted off the Y-pipe, flush with the muffler itself, which has made the interior of the car pretty loud. What im looking for from the multitude of information here, is how I can go about replacing these fairly cheaply, as a pair of new mufflers cost around 150 bucks that I dont have. Are there any interchangable mufflers from say, an Impala? Should i just grab a hacksaw, saw off the remaining welded portion on my Y-pipe and try to fit a replacement in? The courses of action are cloudy and I am unsure of how to proceed.

Any feedback is greatly appriciated. Thanks
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Some folks would just delete the mufflers and from the Y pipe go with a straight pipe from there to the back of the car. Fairly reasonable to do. I have heard the results and the sound is what they were looking for. You can check ebay for glass packs also and they are fairly reasonable. I will find a link that might help.

Check youtube for Monte Carlo exhaust systems and see what videos show up and it might be just the thing you are looking to do.

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Welllllllllll, almost all parts stores carry the ever so cheap Thrush mufflers.. I got mine for about $25 each.. Even places have them for $30 with shipping.. Then you can buy a couple
$5 sleeves (with the correlating size to match your pipe-muffler) and 4 $3 clamps and be done.. You might need to figure out a way to hang them.. But that is certainly the cheapest route..

Thrush turbo muffler is the resonator/insulated/basic type/ quieter one..

Thrush welded is the "walled" type of muffler and is a little louder..

I have both and really liked them both but ended up sticking the welded ones on there..

I tried straight piping the entire exhaust and that was very ugly sounding.

If you have the stock cat and resonator on there, it may not be that bad-but still doesnt sound pretty..

There are a ton of things you can do in regards to muffler placement, types of metal, setup, blah blah blah to make it sound different and preferential but the mufflers,sleeves, and clamps sound like what youre wanting..
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Appriciate the advixe gents, Ill get to work.

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