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Default New to the forum (06 3.9 LT) need advice

My baby has been with me since 2007 and she's just now falling apart on me. I need some advice. I just put in an alternator, tranny filter, radiator, and water pump last month. I also need my brakes done ( pedal sinking to the floor) my engine slams when put into reverse, car struggling to crank (motor won't turn over untill about 5 seconds have passed, was told I need an a/c compressor, and pretty bad oil leak.....Smh I's bad... Wanted to get 5 more years out of her. Was even thinking about adding a top notch jl system to it and some 22's at a good price

Should I invest in all this ,or just say it's for sale? Give me some input my fellow MC heads.
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Welcome to the forum first and foremost.

I always prefer not to have car payments so I'd keep it. That being said, I also do all my own work so that cuts down cost of ownership.

I only worked on 1 3.9 briefly but it was fairly straight forward to work on as a 60*. Do you do any of your own work?
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