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Yarrow197 06-03-2014 01:34 PM

WANTED 1983 - 88 SS (please read)
Recently sold my 1985 SS. The car was winter driven until I bought it in 1997 and the frame was in bad shape. Even with it being stored in the winter since then I still had to have the frame welded in 4 spots before I sold it. Gotta love Canadian winters.

I'm looking for a car with a good frame, prefer from somewhere down south. I'll take a Canadian car too but the frame must be solid. Also would prefer if the car came with no motor or tranny. I'm not looking to spend a pile of money but I want a good solid car I can do a bit of restoring with my kids. I have been looking on the internet the last few weeks and not having much luck. So if anyone on this forum has one or knows someone who might want to part with one, please PLEASE contact, either on here or email me at [email protected]


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