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joshtucker 09-28-2008 09:44 AM

thermostat problems
Hi, I am having problems with my 2001 mote Carlo 3.4L. Thethermostat keep going out, they are always sticking open, i have had this car for only a couple years and i am already on my 2nd. thermostat and it time to change another on already, what is causing the to keep getting stuck open?

Space 09-28-2008 10:12 AM

RE: thermostat problems
Hi `Josh, and Welcome to the Monte Carlo Forum.
Sorry to read that you are having problems
with your Monte Carlo.
(Oh, Please post some pic`s later : )
Please be patience, and wait for one of our expert members
to post their advise/solutions/suggestion.
Below is a article on Thermostats
(Hope it gives you some idea of the problem of open thermostrats.
Bad thermostat

This part is the traffic cop that controls when the coolant is allowed to circulate and when it isn't. It's the device that's meant to quickly allow the engine to warm up to its design temperature, but no hotter than that.

Thermostats can stick shut or open, get lazy, or fail to open at the correct temperature. Depending on how and when they fail, they will cause either overheating or underheating. Overheating usually happens when the thermostat fails to open, or fails to open enough. If it fails to close, the engine will run too cool, causing all sorts of other problems.

A cooling system full of rust, scale, silt, or gel will interfere with the thermostat's operation, causing even more cooling problems. Gunk can plug up the thermostat, causing overheating, or make it stick open, causing underheating. Incorrect installation of the thermostat (can be done, even by professionals!) will also interfere with thermostat operation.

Normally mounted in the top of the lower rad hose in modern cars, the thermostat senses engine heat in the coolant. It is supposed to open up when the coolant in the block has warmed up enough, allow the cooled coolant in the rad to flow into the block, pushing the hot coolant from the block into the rad.

When the thermostat is closed, a small bypass hose allows coolant to circulate through the engine block, around the business end of the thermostat, through the water pump, and back around again. This keeps block temperature even, and helps the thermostat warm up as well. Once the thermostat opens, the bypass is closed off by means of a special extension on the bottom of the thermostat.
Good Luck `Josh

kweef 09-28-2008 11:11 PM

RE: thermostat problems
did u replace it with the stock 195 tstat or did you go with the 180? ill ask my professor 2moro cuz i am not sure

2 quick4u 09-28-2008 11:49 PM

RE: thermostat problems
This is the best way to do it if your having problems like that... First 180 is the way to go. When you take the stat out hook it back up with out the thermostat in take the top radiator hose off the radiator put a water hose in the Radiator put the radiator hose pointing down to the ground and strart the car up and turn the water on slow and flush the system about 10 minutes or so, then put your stat back in NEW and put coolant in and bleed the system to get all the air out refill with coolant and you should be good to go. 50 /50 mix...

The crud from the old coolant is what the problem is..

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