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Work In Progress
Lots of work to be done inside and out. This is how I received the car. Please don't get upset with me. I plan to restore it over time.
New upper and lower radiator hoses. Dayco form molded.
Spectra premium 5/8" thick aluminum radiator. Plastic tanks. This is all that was available to me.
Gasket set. This will be the time killer.
No clue what any of this is. I just took a pic to showcase how widespread the rust issues are.
Rusted. Recently oil leaked from somewhere and covered around the oil cap and on top of the rusted pipes (I don't know what this is). Mechanic friend...
Spatter of some sort. No clue how this happened.
This piece is my form of quick fix. It's a little piece of rubber holding on the plastic "T" piece. Also that elbow is where I'm assuming the coolant...
Engine obviously. This is where the real work needs to be done. Rust everywhere. Car was not properly maintained and sat for a long time. I'm sorry...
Rear end. Need new decals, tail lights, bumper, and spoiler thing.
Damaged passenger side quarter panel that never got primer. Side view mirror and probably the whole mount are damaged and mirror is non-existent.
Damage to driver side door and rear quarter panel. Rims are in bad shape as well.
Front end. Head lights need replacing and damaged to passenger side of the hood.

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